Political Zoo

I honestly have no clue
What to do
What is true
In this Political Zoo

When the elephant trumps
The whole world jumps
All the media, like hyena’s they react
We observe this all as a fact

Words are mixed
Sentences are fixed
I see it in our own political “Artis” Zoo
People walk around like numbness gnu’s

Or we act like bamboon’s afraid, of catching flees
From chimpanzees in other trees
In Politics the lion wants to catch its pray
When the “victim” has gone astray

People on the streets act like little deer
On alert because of the fear
Watch the ostrich put its head in the sand
Not knowing how this Political mess will end

As an “Observer” it is all quite a show
To see how the other one gets the next blow
And because I just do not know
At the moment I let all the news go…..


A voice

You have a choice
To use your voice
In your own way
The words you say:
Can be sharp as a knife
They can go right through a soul
And leave a hole
They can break one’s heart
They can make you cry

They can feel like a blanket
Make you feel warm and safe
Make you feel alright
They can save your day
Words travel far
Words of truth
Can make the difference
Between war and Peace

When you use your voice,
use your words accurate and sincere

My body IS my vehicle

I sit in my own driver’s seat
Putting my feet
On the accelerator pedal
Deserving my personal medal

Daring to go full gear
No more tears, no more fear
Grabbing the steering wheel in my hands
Driving through unknown lands

Opening the roof
A sense of freedom as proof
The sound of the radio
Turning from mono into stereo

Freeing myself from “my safety belt”
A feeling I have never felt!
The wheels turning full speed
My life taking a new lead

Following the flow of my river
Looking in the rear mirror
Smiling at what I left behind
I no longer mind

Releasing the old reflection
Daring to take a new direction
I FEEL my new “car”
Becoming my “movie star”

The power of the “car” getting stronger
The “Beetle” I need no longer
The brand new “Porsche” becoming me
Loving EVERYTHING I do to be free

This new feeling of freedom
All coming from my own wisdom
What I do want to mention
I look after my own “heart” engine!

(Don’t worry I am not leaving my dear husband ; ))|
(And no, I am NOT having  plastic surgery : )
It is a feeling inside

Here we go again…..


We are in the middle of our Dutch Political Campaign
I think, oh boy, here we go again
Families divided and a lot of strain
Every Politician want their votes to gain
Together we stand in this “Political rain”
All following the “Election train”

I would love to see
The world to be:
Of no political parties
No words packed in colourful “smarties”
I will not put my fate
In another political debate
Telling you the “truth”
“Catching” you for their voting booth
For me it feels like theft
All the secrets they have kept
No more running around the bush
No more hush, hush
No more lies in the face
Of the human race
No more deals
That have been sealed
Behind closed doors
But LEADERS on the political floors

I want LEADERS to work as one
When for an Election they run
LEADERS who are honest
I put my trust in what they promised
No left, no right
But those that fight for OUR birthright
Their agenda must be for OUR interest
THEN I will do my political best, to invest


We are all Unique

Today I will start
With only the “outer part”
We have our own eyes to see
Grey, blue, brown or green to be
In eyes you can see joy and fear
We also have ears to hear
You have them in different size(s)
They Receive words of hate or wise
Our mouth is to speak and to taste
Sweet words spoken or are they a waste?
Our arms and hands are to use
Are “ours” made to love or to abuse?
Our body is made of atoms and cells
We even have our own alarm bells
Which we love to ignore
Avoiding our own inner intuitive door
Do we appreciate our body “construction”?
Think about its beautiful function!

Feet and legs to walk in a direction
The roads of life are simple or of complexion
Our fingers have their own print
So the police can get a hint; )

But what I want to say
That each and every day
There is only one me and you
It is up to us what we do
We are all so very Unique
We can be of love or a freak
And when we miss a body part?
We all fit in Mother Earth’s great heart!

Social media and me

You have Social media
And you have a Lia (me)
This relationship is of love-hate
This I will debate:

When you like to share
You put your presence out there
But who on Earth would care?
Oh my dear!
Then starts the fear!
How will it appear?

I put my words together
my inner discussion starts on whether
I will push the button of “publish”?
Maybe people will think it is rubbish!!!
I still have poor media skill(s)
For me they are not a thrill
It is about a little social media “flirt,”
But I want NOBODY to get hurt!
Once you put it out there
It can go everywhere
You have twitter and tweet
This is all done in a heart beat
Once said it is done
No place to run
Instagram and LinkedIn
Are still not my “kin”; ((

Social media and me
Still need to find the right key!

I found my magic

Isn’t it tragic
I looked for my magic
Out of my sight
But when I write

In my own fashion
I find my passion
It opens doors far and wide
And takes me on a mystical ride

Now, every day
I fly away
I sit on an Eagle’s wing
And hear angels sing

Still connected with Earth
I see her birth
I see her in action
I see Earth in contraction

I see Earth’s mighty Kingdom
A New World full of wisdom
It will bring us love
Below as above

“What is The Truth worth”?

Truth comes in many ways:

“We swear to tell the whole Truth
and nothing but the Truth”
You also have just “half” of the Truth
Truth can become a “convenient lie”
The lie becomes the “New Truth”
This “New Truth” can be personal, social,
political or global!

Lawyers work with “The one and only Truth”
Doctors promise “Truth”
News readers “Read Truth”
Teachers “Teach Truth”
Banks help people with their “Money Truth”
Religions “Preach THEIR only Truth”
Our foods and drinks are made of “Ingredients of Truth”
Politicians are made “of Truth”

We must come to the conclusion
There is still a lot of “Truth”confusion!
You have your Truth
I have mine
I need to be truthful to myself,
to become who I Truly am.
Not what others expect me to be.

THE TRUTH IS SIMPLE (but also very difficult!)
it is all about:
Honesty,       Integrity
Harmony,     Empathy
Equality,        Unity
Respect,         Grace
Love,               Peace
Giving,            Receiving
When TRUST becomes a MUST

The innocence of a child

A face of a Child, can not hide
Their innocence, hearts open wide
Look them in the eyes,
Where a different world lies

They will take you by the hand
To “fantasy land”
I pick fresh red cherries
And eat blueberries

With a faerie,
Her name is Mary
Where I eat cake
With a snake

We will play and dance
Where everyone has a chance
To live a life so pure
And to be sure

To know who you are
Everybody is a rising star
Where laughter is the norm
There will be no storm

In the sky only the sun
And singing is such fun
Where lion and lamb live in Peace
Where you all live at ease

Please bring me to Fantasy Land
Where EVERYONE is my friend!