Today there is a lot at stake
Is the news real or is it fake?
The whole world is watching you
Whatever it is you are going to do

Politicians have done their very best
To create a lot of unrest
The media played their own role
Telling about elections that “one stole”

A lot of people are looking for a confrontation
To divide a once great nation
I hope they will come together as one
Not looking back at what was once done

But move forward in unity
To create again a country of beauty
Together you are strong
You have been all along

You just looked in the wrong direction
Forgetting your true connection
Do not look at other countries for a “correction”
But look at them with affection

I hope there will be a positive action:
“The “Captain” sailing in a new direction”
To sail in the winds of change
Where all of us need to rearrange

Today a candle I will light
For a new future of Hope, and to be bright
That is what I am going to do
Sending sunshine and love to you!

“A very special Big Band”


I know a Big Band
Made of a very unique “brand”
The story I will tell
Is made up by hospital personal

Born out of a “serious Request”
Everybody does his/her very best
Nurse’s, doctors etc and a kitchen princess!
are all under a lot of stress!

Because at the very core
There is even more:
A special daughter and her father
Tell them all to come and gather

Violins, trumpets, dances, songs, and drums
Always give me goosebumps!
There are very special guest(s)
At this once a year fest

But what touches my heart the very most
Is the voice of  this unique “daughter” Host
It Goes right through my soul
My heart goes out of control!

You think this story can’t be true?
It is made up out of the blue?
I would just love to invite
you all, to this very special night

When ALL the people of this Band
Stand together,”hand in hand”
This is symphony
in perfect Harmony

Made possible by father and daughter
I want to, applaud him, applaud her
All of their family involved
Every possible problem solved!

Working together has a dynamic role
with a very special goal
To give you even more clarity:
“The money always goes to a special Charity”!

Coming together should be a new norm,
It helps you to survive every storm!


Love is in the air

Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

It is for free
Just to be
For you and me
To see
The bird fly
In the sky
It makes me cry

A Child holding mom on the back of a bike
You see it when dog and owner look-alike
The tree that just stands straight
Only love, no hate

The flower turning its head for you to see
The butterfly chasing the bee
The girl who helps the lady to cross the street
Feeling your very own heart beat

The sun and its rays
Its beauty in many ways
The greatness of oceans and the sea
Gives a feeling of little me

The wind through your hair
Feet on the grass, no shoes just bare
Friendships between religions
Unity, No divisions

A Child born in perfection
Pure and innocent in its reflection
It is all a part, a section
Of a love-connection


The “haves” and the “haves not”

(A little bit of Brain Gym: ))

The “haves not”
Do not have what the “haves” got
The few “haves” have a lot
But the “haves” forgot

To be aware
And to share
To be fair
They do not care

About the “haves not”
The “haves” know, what THEY have got
is very hot
Stirring the pot

By some big Hot Shot(s)
Creating a plot
Using this “vulnerable” spot
of the ‘haves not”

I beg the “haves” what they got
to share their “lot”
With the “haves not”
THEN this will no longer be a hot spot

(I saw a very interesting video:
“Finland eliminates School Subjects
in Favor of Topics”!
You can find it on internet)

Who am I?

(A great big melting pot ; ))

Every day
We hear about our DNA
I share with my sister and brother
from my father and mother

But I also care
what genes my grandparents share
What “resides”
in me from both sides?

But wait, there is even more:
“What do my great grandparents have in store”?
Say: “Two parents,  blonds”,  get a girly
Hair black and curly

The mother  would have a lot of strain
And even more to explain
But it could be a secret in the family
By the name “of an Emily”

It could become ver”sticky”
and even quite “tricky”
when we discover
Our great grandparent had a lover!

Families get mixed
marriages no longer “fixed
Now we have got
A great big melting pot!

We want to know who we truly are
From which countries we come,  from which “star”?
We are not just from one nation
But an aspect of all creation

My passport could say; ” A citizen of the World”
That would make me free as a bird!

A love story gone wrong

It is true
I found you, eyes so blue
The love of my life
“Please be my wife”
After a while, I am done
I have had my fun
I can no longer find
What I had in my mind

It isn’t true
Your eyes are not that blue
Your blond hair faded
Your body disintegrated
Your stomach has grown
Between your eyes a frown
It is not fair
Boobs no longer up “there”

It is true
I found some one new
Brown eyes not bleu….

Forgiveness is a Powerful tool

Forgiveness, is a most powerful tools to liberate yourself and others.
Forgiveness goes very deep.
It frees you from your own demons deep inside of you.
I realised, that the hate inside of me, POISONS ME!
It poisons my body, my soul.
The anger that I felt against somebody else HURTS ME.
First of all we MUST forgive ourselves unconditionally.
Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness go hand in hand.
It all started by taking my own responsibility.
No matter what happened in my life.
No matter who did it to hurt me!
A turning point in my own experiences, started the moment I realised:
“The enemy was not outside myself but inside me”.
I was always criticising myself:
“Never good enough, never clever enough etc.”
At that moment:
“I stopped running away FROM my Self”.
Being befriended with me, well isn’t that Fun!

This was a very important “insight’
It gave me the courage to change, and to change big time.
I started to talk to my Self.
I started to ask for forgiveness to myself,
for always criticising myself.
I started to heal deep wounds.
I started to cry.
I started to feel safe with ME. Just BEING ME.
I was no one else. Nothing important on the outside,
but very important for the “self-healing”.
And yes, I started to appreciate myself from the inside out.
no matter what, no matter why.
And I realised that because all that I went through MADE me
the person that I AM now. That is just perfect: )

Although you have to do it all by your Self, it does not mean
you can’t have any help! This can be a friend, Family or looking
for the help that fits YOU.
After I forgave myself, I started to forgive others.
Forgiving is healing. It gave me back my own POWER


I have two Personal Trainers!

IMG_8885 2.JPG

(My girly dog) here she looks like Sherlock Holmes)

People ask if I go to the gym, or if I am active in sports?
When I was young, I used to be a very “sporty” girl.
But at one point in my life I decided I have had enough.
So, My answer is : “No, I do not go to the gym”.

But every day I do my workouts, walking my 2 dogs!!
I bend and stretch a lot of my muscles, especially
my “PATIENCE Muscle”
You see my macho dog ( 20 kilo’s) usually walks in front of me,
and the other 30+ kilo girly dog walks behind me.

My arm muscles get over stretched, as well as a few muscles
in my dear body.
My little male dog thinks he is a “big macho man”when we meet
other “macho dogs”, so I try to avoid these situations!
“My eye and ear muscle” are always on alert and very trained.

He has a lot of difficulty deciding which tree he wants to pee against,
and he also can not decide, which leg he wants to stand on,
while peeing : )
This situation trains the “patience muscle” in me.

My female dog is a whole other story. She also has difficultie
in making big decisions:
“Do I cross over, or do I decide to turn to the left or right”?
So I tell my girly dog she can cross over, and then I pull her
across the street. Phew my arm muscels!
I do a lot of stretching when one dog decides to go to the left
and the other one wants to go the right (that is why I have long arms)
“Just imagine all the body stretching exercise”.

My female dog has a very deep bark and she has a great imagination,
she thinks she has to defend me at any cost.
Whenever we pass somebody “strange or unusual”in her vision
(maybe she just needs glasses) she stops, stares and barks,….
she even turns around. How embarrassing is that!

I also need to bend my knees to put the poop in a bag.
Sometimes I have a poop bag in one hand, a cookie bag in the other.
You can imagine what happens when I forgot in which hand
the poop bag 
is and in which hand the cookie bag  ….
“This is also a concentration workout”!

“My patience muscle is over trained by now”!
When I come home after my exercise, I have had a lot of stretching
and bending and need a cup of coffee.
So you see, I do a lot of workouts with my two dear friends.
Every muscle used : ))

With two dogs, you will have a physical AND a mental workout:
“Two at the price of one”. How cool is that!

(My macho dog (doesn’t look like one here: ))

IMG_8884 3.JPG