I have a suggestion for all the people who want to fight a war.
Let the people who want to fight a war, fight their own war. And I mean the people behind the war machines, NOT the soldiers who have to sacrifice their lives for their country.
All these people who have fought for their country, fought against their own brothers and sisters from other countries. All these people have families ………….they are somebody’s Son or Daughter.

I receive the Newsletter of the Veterans Today every day. Every single day (22.?)Veterans commit suicide because of fighting these wars. They found out, that the real enemy was not out there. THEY were part of the enemy. When these brave soldiers came back, they had to deal with the “enemy” inside of them every single day. In their nightmares they fight again. They often sleep with a gun next to them, always being alert. They have to deal with their wounds. The ones you can see from the outside are maybe the easiest to deal with. But dealing with their wounds deeply inside their hearts and in their souls often takes a lifetime.

My Solution for people who want to fight a war would be:
To send all these men and women, (who want to fight) to a deserted piece of land. No war equipment allowed! No more damaging this earth! A huge wall would be built around them. The only equipment they are allowed to use, is their own bare hands. They can only broadcast their own “News” in their own world. They can eat their own GM food. And they can only come back when they are sick and tired of fighting their own war and NOBODY on their outside world is interested in this war any more.
Imagine a world of PEACE.

Give PEACE a chance (the Beatles)

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