What did I doubt
All about?

Actually it was the same old song
Did I choose right or wrong
Is this the place where I belong
Should I cut my hair or keep it long

It caused a lot of frustration
What to wear to a special occasion
Doubt feels like glue
Always doubting whatever I did do!

It made my life seem grey
Myself I did betray
Carrying the “weight”
Of what others did dictate

My decision-making became better:
Asking myself: “What on earth does this matter!”

Becoming a butterfly


When we see a caterpillar
We only see a “glimmer”
Of what has just begun
And what is to come
It loves to cocoon
In the shadow of the moon
Going through a phase
While the old has been erased
Finding protection
In its own perfection
Do you know why?
To become the beautiful butterfly

We human beings do the same
In our own time frame
We go through different “stages”
Sometimes It seems to take ages!

Nature is like a dream

Nature is like a dream
She is also very keen
To share her beautiful scenes
Nature has her own scheme
Never bothers about her self-esteem
Have you ever seen:
The different shades of green
And the colors in between
Do you see what I mean?

The Sun shines her beams
After a hot day the rain intervenes:
Soothing Earth like a soft cream
Nature lets go of her steam
Turns a dry river into a stream
Birds play in a puddle to become clean
We know nature can become extreme
But usually the elements seem
To work together like a team

The difference between ego and Soul

The ego wants to be cool
Loves your life to rule
Always has the thirst
For you to become first

The ego isn’t credible
Acts like a General
Is always harsh
Makes life seem like a farce

The Soul is always kind
Loves to ease your mind
Speaks soft and clear
Refers to you as “My Dear”

The Soul is made of light
Gives you new insights
Our life receives beautiful things
When our Soul sings

To take care

Who consoles me when I feel bad
When life makes me sad
Who corrects me when I act like a clown
Catches me when I fall down
Who holds me when I cry
Still loves me when I lie
Who speaks kind words
When my feelings hurt
Who finds the right cure
When I feel insecure
Who helps me still
The pain when I feel ill
Who wakes me and cares
When I had a terrible nightmare
Who carries me when I can’t walk
Understands me when I don’t talk

Sometimes we need
Some one who is sweet
Some one we can trust
To look after us
Where we feel safe
Who gives us back our faith

I left it behind…


In my mind’s eye
I saw it pass by

A part of me so sore and raw
For life, I held on to a straw
It hit me right into my core
When it knocked at my door

But I said bye-bye
No more tears for me to cry
I No longer ask who and why
I left It behind with a big sigh