When I die


I lay down my body
I would thank my body
For carrying my spirit in this life
I would ask for forgiveness
For all that I did to hurt me
For living in fear
For living in stress

I would ask forgiveness
For the wrongs I did to others
and ask them to let me go
To let me fly in freedom

When I would look back on my life
I would have no regrets
I did what I had to do
Making the best choices
Knowing what I THEN knew


A river

I am a water drop
And I can not stop
I always go
With the flow
Please hear:
“Do not interfere”
Let my river grow
On the surface you can row
On a summer day
People swim and play
Children splash
leave no trash
On my river bank they build
Without any guilt
But when I become fierce
people shed their tears
because of the damage I cause
Through my enormous force
Nature deserves your respect
People need to re-connect
It is our “duty”
To see her beauty
My river flows to the sea
Just let me be

Think of all these water drops
It never stops!

‘A lovesong for me’



I Am is not only what you see,

I Am is ME

I Am is what I FEEL that is real:

In me, It lives in every layer

In Every cell, in every atom

It makes me sing, dance

Shout or cry.

It touches me deep inside

It makes me live

It makes me love

I live to love= I love to live

Life is not a burden,

Life is a gift



I have the power

I am the power

Power is believing in Me

Power in my Words

Power in my Strength

Power in my Faith

Power in my Hope

Power in my Light

Power in my Truth

Power in my Justice

Power is to Share

Power is to Care

Power is my Love

Power is my Peace

This will set me free

To believe in me

Power is in YOU and in ME