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My name is Lia. I am married and we have 3 daughters and 2 dogs. I was born in 1956 in Tanzania and when I was nine years old I moved with my family to the Netherlands where I have lived most of my life. From 2000-2004 we have lived in Italy. It wasn’t until 2016 that I went back to Tanzania to visit the places where I have been before (a lot of the photographs we took, will be used in my blog). Although I have never been excluded I did feel lost in this world and never really knew what I wanted. Finally I start to get a glimpse of whom I truly am at the age of 60 : ) years young. So if I would describe myself now I would say that I am open-minded, optimistic and humoristic (don’t take life to serious is my motto). I always like to tell my view on different topics that sometimes irritates my near and dear family (though, they still love me for who I am). So I think they are quite happy that I can express my self through a blog so they don’t have to listen to all my stories ; ). In 2010 I started to read other blogs that gave me a different view of life and influenced my way of thinking. They also inspired me to start my own blog and finally I am ready to take the step to have my own blog. Life is my University is true. Life made me into ME. I want to share what stirs inside of me, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry. Besides that I want to talk about what is happening in the world around us. Although I am Dutch, I decided to write in English. When you see some strange sentences, you will know it is my Dutch background. Don’t hesitate to correct me when I am wrong. Everybody I pass on this journey will have influence on my path! I hope to meet you!

Your life path

Your path of life
Is to strive
To follow your heart
Is a good start

Life is not a goal
You play your own roll
You have a chance
To advance

It is not about facts
That are exact
But every day
Is about how you play

In Life’s process
And your progress
You need to follow
No need to borrow

Life is your own
That you need to “own”
Let your “heart” voice rise
It will give you wise advice

A family Holliday: )

The fun was maybe the best BEFORE
We left the front door!
We all pretty well know:
Much stress before we go

At last the car is packed
“Principles” we neglect
To keep the children at ease
Games and chips are just to please!

Mom, and dad start of fine
Then the children start to wine
Are we already there?
John just pulled my hair

He hit me in the face,
Pulled out my shoe laced
A journey of a thousand a mile
Will take us quite a while

Oh, just keep quiet!
Look at the video we hired
Are the passports packed?
I thought YOU checked!!!

Our mood then became sour
Passport drama, cost us another hour!
Instead of taking a little nap!
Please look on the road map

Don’t hold it upside down
We went through the wrong town!
After a long drive
He could just “strangle” his wife

Looking back
Life on track
Oh my dear
I could just do with a beer
Remind me next year
We will stay over here!

But life is a mystery
We have a short memory : ))
(Ofcourse the map says something
about my age: ))

Beauty contest

It is all a game
About fame
It is our duty
To look “past” beauty
One day we love and adore
The other day no more
Because they have scars
Their heart put behind bars
We now only feel pity
Leave them in a pile of shitty

Imagine 7.5 billion people in line
And a jury would define
What your beauty is worth
On this magnificent Earth
You do not have the right size?
You can not win a beauty prize
You could always have an injection
To match a picture of perfection
But when you fall out “of tune”
You can not receive a fortune
I believe it is a disgrace
To put people out-of-place

What happens when you have cancer?:
When you lose your breast(s)?
You go through (a) life test(s),
What about the rest?
All your days are “messed”
You cope, but are so stressed
You need your care to be the best
You want to curl up in a safe nest
And the beauty contest?
Is not of any interest!

I will say it in my own way:
I see beauty every day
From Europe to Africa
Form Asia to America
I see it on the corner of every street
I see it in the people who I meet

Spring is in the air

I can tell
It is the smell
In my view
It is something new

A feeling of beauty
Without any duty
The air seems cleaner
The grass greener

The grey becomes whiter
Faces brighter
The clouds passed away
The sun came out to play

Spring is in the air!
It is very rare
Still early in the year
People enjoying a beer

Or a nice glass of wine
The feeling is just fine
People using their bike
Others taking a hike

I wouldn’t want to miss
A couple sharing a kiss: )
All the worries will fade
New promises are made

Enjoying every moment in time
Words just flow into a rhyme
No feeling of any harm
This moment makes me feel calm

This feeling I spread as far as I can
To every woman, to every man!