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My name is Lia. I am married and we have 3 daughters and 2 dogs. I was born in 1956 in Tanzania and when I was nine years old I moved with my family to the Netherlands where I have lived most of my life. From 2000-2004 we have lived in Italy. It wasn’t until 2016 that I went back to Tanzania to visit the places where I have been before (a lot of the photographs we took, will be used in my blog). Although I have never been excluded I did feel lost in this world and never really knew what I wanted. Finally I start to get a glimpse of whom I truly am at the age of 60 : ) years young. So if I would describe myself now I would say that I am open-minded, optimistic and humoristic (don’t take life to serious is my motto). I always like to tell my view on different topics that sometimes irritates my near and dear family (though, they still love me for who I am). So I think they are quite happy that I can express my self through a blog so they don’t have to listen to all my stories ; ). In 2010 I started to read other blogs that gave me a different view of life and influenced my way of thinking. They also inspired me to start my own blog and finally I am ready to take the step to have my own blog. Life is my University is true. Life made me into ME. I want to share what stirs inside of me, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry. Besides that I want to talk about what is happening in the world around us. Although I am Dutch, I decided to write in English. When you see some strange sentences, you will know it is my Dutch background. Don’t hesitate to correct me when I am wrong. Everybody I pass on this journey will have influence on my path! I hope to meet you!

A love story gone wrong

It is true
I found you, eyes so blue
The love of my life
Please be my wife
After a while, I am done
I have had my fun
I can no longer find
What I had in my mind

It isn’t true
Your eyes are not that blue
Your blond hair faded
Your body disintegrated
Your stomach has grown
Between your eyes a frown
It is not fair
Boobs no longer up “there”

It is true
I found some one new
Brown eyes not bleu….



I believe when Politicians begin their career they have a vision to bring a difference in their country, in the World.
I have a feeling “a long the way” they lose contact with “The People”.

When you watch Politicians debate or talk, (especially when elections are coming our way) it is as if we are looking at a bad play. Where actors read the wrong lines. It feels like we are watching “Drama”.
But when you go to a Theatre and when “The Performance” is of a bad quality, you can walk away and ask your money back!You have a choice to stay or to leave.
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a feeling that I am in a bad film, you know: ” A film where I can not get out!

Politicians who make “mistakes”, go out one door and……. come back through another one……?
In the “People’s World” when you make bad decisions you are OUT!

I would love to look them straight into their eyes when they talk about Politics.
Speaking about Welfare, Healthcare, Finance or Education etc
Do they FEEL their “words”?
Do they know what it FEELS like to lose a job, or a house?
Do they FEEL the pain when you can not afford going to the doctor?
Do they know how humiliating it FEELS when you need to get your food for free? When you can’t afford to buy new clothes for your children?
Do they know what it FEELS like when you can’t sleep at night, not knowing how to survive another day?

Big decisions influencing our lives are being made behind a “desk”.
I would recommend that every single Politician needs to work in their “speciality field” for at least a year. Working “on the ground” talking to real people (not the few selected ones) to FEEL the consequences of THEIR decisions.

Look at their face
When in election’s race
Not a trace
Or a blink of an eye
When they tell a lie
Nothing is as it Seems
played out behind the scenes
They live a life
Where THEY thrive

Because of this lie
People die
Every day, every night
WE have the right
for no more wars
it will open new doors

People will reunite
Without a fight
The planet, the Youth
Need the truth
It will set us free
And let us just Be

Then WE will Thrive
And have a life

When I die


I lay down my body
I would thank my body
For carrying my spirit in this life
I would ask for forgiveness
For all that I did to hurt me
For living in fear
For living in stress

I would ask forgiveness
For the wrongs I did to others
and ask them to let me go
To let me fly in freedom

When I would look back on my life
I would have no regrets
I did what I had to do
Making the best choices
Knowing what I THEN knew


A river

I am a water drop
And I can not stop
I always go
With the flow
Please hear:
“Do not interfere”
Let my river grow
On the surface you can row
On a summer day
People swim and play
Children splash
leave no trash
On my river bank they build
Without any guilt
But when I become fierce
people shed their tears
because of the damage I cause
Through my enormous force
Nature deserves your respect
People need to re-connect
It is our “duty”
To see her beauty
My river flows to the sea
Just let me be

Think of all these water drops
It never stops!

‘A lovesong for me’



I Am is not only what you see,

I Am is ME

I Am is what I FEEL that is real:

In me, It lives in every layer

In Every cell, in every atom

It makes me sing, dance

Shout or cry.

It touches me deep inside

It makes me live

It makes me love

I live to love= I love to live

Life is not a burden,

Life is a gift



I have the power

I am the power

Power is believing in Me

Power in my Words

Power in my Strength

Power in my Faith

Power in my Hope

Power in my Light

Power in my Truth

Power in my Justice

Power is to Share

Power is to Care

Power is my Love

Power is my Peace

This will set me free

To believe in me

Power is in YOU and in ME