We should be concerned
About what we have learned
To see how History repeats
It feels bittersweet

Looking at technology
Science, Research, velocity
We must confess
We have made great progress

But what about the essence
Of our existence
The most important piece
Living in Freedom and Peace

How do we explain to next generations
That we are an “advanced” civilization
While our History books describe
How we always seem to divide

Many people only know how to survive
Because their safety has been denied
When are we able to change dominance
Into a World of tolerance

Where there is no more bitterness
Because we accept our differences
ONLY THEN we are no longer concerned:
Because from History we have learned!


Politics = Big Business


Important business deals
Are made eating expensive meals
Drinking an exquisite wine
Interests intertwine
Prizes are discussed
Playing golf is a must
Behind closed doors
OUR future has been drawn

Isn’t it time to join the club
Let them know we are grown up
That WE want to be able
To sit at the same table
We will join the discussion
Because we are fed up with corruption
It is time to make some noise
And to raise our own voice

Success and Stress


When our life is a success
It gives us a lot of stress
It is a “disease”
We should release

It is very contagious
Quality of life depending on wages
It “infects” us all
It has an effect of a snowball

It is the root cause
Passing our physical “laws”
The price we pay is too high
Because our body doesn’t lie

If we want to be at the top
We never know how to stop
Signs we ignore
When we always want more

Depriving us from sleep
And the nutrition we need
The crucial question may arise:
“WHAT is REALLY important in our lives”?



I can decide
Where I want to abide
And jump on the line
Of a different time
This one I  release
When I want to live in Peace
And I no longer cry
When I fly high in the sky…

Into space
To live in grace
I change the strategy
With my own energy
Where we are meant
To create great events
No one has a gun
Because Life is just fun


We often feel restricted
As victims convicted
It influences our chances
And our circumstances

What our History has to say
About our own DNA
And what it means
If we have “bad” Genes

Be aware what you eat and drink
The way how you think
Do appreciate the little things
And what each day may bring

It is important to discover
Good in yourself and the other
Be grateful for who you are
Follow your own radar

Always be kind
To your body and mind
There is a great connection
Treating yourself with affection

Your health will advance
Take the power in your own hands

A one way conversation


My dear How was your day?
I have so much to say
I took a stroll
To the mall

I bumped into Mrs Watts
We talked about lots
I cleaned the kitchen floor
Painted the front door

I had another conversation
For the dogs not a great sensation
They just sat for a while
Instead of walking the mile: ))

I took out the weeds
Planted some new seeds
When everything was done
I just sat in the sun

Oh Dear, did I just see a yawn?
(ALL he had to say:)
I worked from morning to dawn!
The day of mine
Was just fine

What is it worth?

Writing is a pleasure
It feels like my “treasure”
Something you can not measure

I can not put it on a scale
It doesn’t have a head or a tail
It’s female nor male

Creativity is entrancing
It is a way of enhancing

It is just an expression
Of an impression
For me it is precious:

Rhyming another word
Is creating my own earth
THAT’s what its worth


A Merry-go-round


Step in the merry-go-round
Lifting our feet from the ground
Or step in a carousal
What ever fits you well

When you desire
Go faster and higher
Spread your arms
Let go of alarms

Say bye-bye to the panic
Just feel the magic
Feel the sensation
This wonderful vibration

Live in it in continuity
Look at every opportunity
Boost your self-esteem
Dare to follow your dream


When we feel good
It lifts up our mood
When our ‘vibes’ are bad
That is what you add and spread

We influence our environment
With every thing we meant
We throw into the atmosphere
The professor and the cashier

It is a synergy
Of our energies
We are a living house of Power
In each second, minute and hour