Deaf and Blind People….

Deaf People have no choice
They listen to an inner voice
They live in silence
And listen to their inner guidance

Blind People do not see through glasses
They use their inner compasses
They possess an inner map
When they take their next step

We do not realize untill
We become still
What it does mean
To live in a World unseen

Or when a word
Is never heard

Unconditional Love


When Love is unconditional
It is wonderful
Your life shifts
Into a great gift

It is a way to live
Without “but’s and if’s”
It is not about expectations
Limitations or compensations

Sometimes It is just believing
And receiving
It can also be giving
And forgiving

Let in a Love Beam
Let it unconditionally stream
Into your veins
Let nothing intervene!

I sit outside in a chair

I sit outside in a chair
Just being aware
The dogs being lazy
Lying next to a daisy

Clouds and the Sun play a game
The view never being the same
A dragonfly “in blue”
Just landed on my shoe

I see an ant carrying a bread crumb
Close my eyes and hear a bee hum
I feel totally at ease
Touched by a soft breeze

The tempature is fine
Dreaming of a glass of wine
Sleeping like a log
Far away hearing the sound of a frog

What a perfect way
To enjoy an afternoon in May

What is real?

What is real?
What is “ideal”?
It divides
It makes People hide

Body parts to be seen
Photoshopped on a screen
In a “perfect” scene
It can be mean

Media I do blame
People feel shame
Together we are an ideal Mixture
We all fit in “A perfect Picture”

In my dreams

In my dreams I travel far
For a meeting with a Star
I also see faces
Of many different Races

But I do not feel afraid
They all came to my aid
With the Sun I discuss
How on Earth people make a fuss

The Moon suggests
For me to take a rest
Just a blanket of love
Is more than enough

The Clouds are my soft bed
Beautiful light enters my head
I do not resist
Realizing time does not exist

Angels sit by my side
When I woke up I cried
A thousand drops of rain
Feeling all of Earth’s pain

She just remembered het true Love Song
A Heaven on Earth is where we all belong



Love is not just a word
But a feeling your Heart being stirred
Love is the most powerful tool
It means much more than not being cruel

Love overcomes all that is of the dark
It gives you the much-needed spark
Let your Love Light glow
Fill you body from head to toe

Love makes you feel warm
Give Love from Sunrise till dawn
Love overcomes fear
Far away and what is near

Love is what our Dear Earth needs
Love will overcome all of the greed
To Peace it will lead
Let us all become a Love bead

Now the Human Race
Becomes a Love Light Necklace

Never be wrong…..


Never be wrong
Always feel strong
Follow the crowd
Always be loud

Never cry
Is another lie
For help to seek
Means your are weak

Always impress
Never feeling less
Do not “crawl”
Never fall

Do not stall
But: I’ve done It all!
It is where I did arrive
At this point in my life