Makes us act funny
When not enough
Life is rough

Some swim in a “money pool”
Acting like a fool
While they have plenty
For many their “pool” is empty

Some choose the color of a dress
While people live under stress
When nothing to wear you walk naked
While every form of life is precious and sacred!


Food industries and Pharmacy
Decide how our health is to be
They influence our every day life
In how we live and how we survive

We all depend
On how Ministers of Health spend
While we have to surrender
To what they have on their agenda

They can tell us at least
Why the costs seem to increase
Where is all the money stored?
Healthcare: Many can no longer afford

Shouldn’t we ditch
The people becoming so rich?
As far as I can see
Healthcare should be for free

Enjoy your day!


Today is a day
To keep your worries away
To just sit in the sun
Go for a run

Receive an “energy dose”
From “smelling” a rose
It can feel groovy
To go to a movie

Sit at the bar
Feeling like a star
Look at the moon
Eating ice cream with a spoon

Just lay
In the hay
Let your body float
Or sit in a boat

Let nothing destroy
This beautiful day of joy

“The Marriage” between Thoughts and Feelings

Thoughts and Feelings are like a Marriage
A challenge, every day you manage
For them to be in harmony
When they seem to disagree

Thoughts can be dominant
Becoming more “prominent”
Thoughts and Feelings of course
Can not divorce!

When both are out of touch
Thoughts feel like a Judge
Feelings are an important drive
They make you feel alive

Let your feelings speak
This doesn’t make you weak!
Listen to the whisper
Of your ‘inner wiser sister”

Your Thoughts can adjust
To the idea: “Your Feelings to Trust”
This Marriage, once of Duality
May now become one of Equality!

Deaf and Blind People….

Deaf People have no choice
They listen to an inner voice
They live in silence
And listen to their inner guidance

Blind People do not see through glasses
They use their inner compasses
They possess an inner map
When they take their next step

We do not realize untill
We become still
What it does mean
To live in a World unseen

Or when a word
Is never heard

Unconditional Love


When Love is unconditional
It is wonderful
Your life shifts
Into a great gift

It is a way to live
Without “but’s and if’s”
It is not about expectations
Limitations or compensations

Sometimes It is just believing
And receiving
It can also be giving
And forgiving

Let in a Love Beam
Let it unconditionally stream
Into your veins
Let nothing intervene!