When I look at the commercials on tv or in a magazines I always have these questions coming into my mind. How real are they?
When they use commercials about body creams etc they often use young people (or elder women with a perfect skin) wrinkle free! They dare tell you, that these women look that perfect AFTER using their products.
Then you watch these commercials where they use shampoos: ” After use your hair become thick, wavy and shiny”. Of course you want your own dream come true. (A specially when your own hair is as straight as can be!
Believe me I have tried them all. People who know me, know that my hair hasn’t changed!
What I find so disturbing about the advertisements in these magazines, is the fact that you always see gorgeous people: spotless, smooth, no cellulite, long legs going right up to their armpits.
They “forget” to tell you that many of these perfect pictures are being photo shopped!

So, now let me think…….
Young children and adults are looking at images photo shopped into an “ideal picture”. And we the people are looking at these pictures as if this is the norm!
Not only advertisements give us a wrong impression of our “real” life, also the toys where children play with give them a “wrong” image what life is all about.
I feel so sad for all these girls and boys, because they think these images are real. Young people try to copy these Images of being perfect.
Not only at school but their whole life is focused on a world of pretend.
And children and adults have to fight depression, anorexia etc because of the images in our pretend world!

Imagine people working for a magazine,  they can make my appearance (age 60 years young : ) into an ideal “dream body” image. They can photo shop me with boobs size XXL. They can make me look as long as THEY think I need to be. They can make my cellulite disappear , and they make me look as if I am 30 years old. Is this the world I want live in?
We must realize, imperfection is just perfect!

We live in a world of pretend
“selfies” are shared, “likes” are my real friend(s)
My lady and my tramp
Both live in the same “camp”
My lady would get a like
My tramp advised to take a hike
I can wear rings
And beautiful things
But don”t you see
Both lady and tramp live in me