A Birth

An angel has arrived at dawn
When a new child is born
It is a combination
Made into a new creation
It is worth a celebration
Of a new generation
Counting fingers and toes
Complete with eyes, mouth, nose
(Grand) parents play a major part
To love them with all their Heart
Let children become the bridge
To overcome every conflict
When children red, black, yellow, white
Become a “Warrior” of the Light



In our lives it plays a major role
EVERYTHING we love to control:
Being cautious to not fall in a hole…
To over thinking it all

It is like a spider web
Protecting us for every “misstep”
A feeling we need to un wrap
To see it is actually a trap!

Being alert for all exceptions
Protecting us from deceptions
It weighs on our shoulder
Perhaps we should be a beholder:

Instead of controlling the “if’s”
We could see it as our gifts
We could try to become flexible
Instead of always being sensible


There is something hanging in the air
When I want to catch it, it is no longer there
It tastes soft and sweet
Like a very special treat
I see it with my eyes closed
I still smell it with my nose

There is something hanging in the air
I can feel it, it can be anywhere
I try to keep it in my little red purse
Because I want it to rehearse
It “sounds” like something new
Different but true

There is something hanging in the air
For everyone, everywhere
It feels very supportive
Dormant,  important
A whole new performance
Overwhelming, enormous

(Sorry, sometimes when I publish a poem
something goes totally wrong:)))


There are many pets
Like mice and rats
Rabbits and frogs
Cats and dogs:

They sneak
They freak
They walk
And stalk
They bitch
When they itch
I can also tell
They smell
They are lazy
And crazy

They sit at the door
On the cold floor
To wait
When you are late
Give you a paw
When the Heart is sore
They keep me sane
When I am in pain
They always share enough

Our tools


Fingers can:
Touch and crush
Join and point
Make and take

Hands that:
Stroke and broke
Lead and beat
Take Care and/
Create war fare

Arms that embrace
Or those that disgrace
They are our tools
Don’t use them as fools
They can be cruel, and rule
Please use them as your “jewels’

Emotional Pain


Pointing fingers does not heal
The way that you feel
For a problem to dissolve
You need to get involved

We always want to arrange
The other one to change
We try to postpone
The moment to feel alone

No matter who did … it
You are feeling the sh.t
You are on an emotional train
Facing your shame and pain

Write, paint, dance talk
Or do any kind of sports
Dont disguise
Your shadow side

Befriending the inner enemy
Will change your destiny
It is your greatest gift
Yourself and others to forgive


is Seeing

Be the “exponent”
In your life moment
Don’t let it last
What happened in the past
Don’t run
For the future to come

Do not despair
Just be aware
What is there
And take care


Our Psyche

In the world of Psychiatry
We learn a lot about anxiety
Meddling with our Psyche
With a lot of “might”

In the old days we had operations
Now we live in The Age of Medications
It has a reputation
For our mental salvation

Can we talk about a revolution
In our evolution?
In the near future we might look back
Knowing we totally went off track

There are many studies about our Brain
But up till now the Mystery remains
Maybe our Psyche is misunderstood
And  it is time for a different outlook

Tell me Why?


How can there be poverty
And many lives have no quality
While others live extraordinaire
Focusing on becoming a billionaire

Maybe there would be fewer
If they would invest in a “sewer”
Or companies with big names
Would stop selling products as a game

But support in clean water
For every son and daughter
In countries very poor
Where lives are unsure

Wealth is invested in few places
While there are many suffering races
Tell me, how can this be fair?
While they ONLY need to share!