Inside me


Inside me I have my own world

There is a lion that roars

It will open doors

The song of my bird

I never heard

Looking through Eagle’s eyes

I become wise

My little deer

That lives in fear

Little streams

“Open” my dreams

The weather can be cold as ice

When my dear heart cries

My butterfly is a treasure

It shows me my pleasure

My own dove

Gives me Peace and love

My Sun is my source

my life-force

My moon shows me what I hide

My own emotional tide

My flower makes me feel

What is true, what is real

My mighty tree reflects

Where my Heaven and Earth connects

in my own Child I hide

It Is where I want to abide

I have to look after me

Every bird, flower or tree

I have to listen to my desire

What sets me on fire

I ask my body to show

where I have to go