Love Energies

Stand in the “rain” of Love Energies
Embracing new strategies
Leave your umbrella at the door
Let if fill your own core

Let it dwell
In every cell
Let it remain
In every atom of your brain

Sing and dance in it
Let it make you feel fit
Take these Energies in
There is so much to win

Swim in it, you can not drown
It won’t let you down
Let if “rain” on every City and Town
On All people white, black,  brown

Send it deep into Earth
To wash away all of the dirt

No need to hide

To flourish
You need courage
It is significant
To make a difference

When feelings you describe
You no longer hide
Letting go of your shield
Telling what you feel

Sharing what’s on your mind
Then you may find
That you no longer feel desolate
Because many people resonate


Real Love
Does not only come from above
It comes from within
It affects everything
It touches us all
It could be a goal
To be our “Religion”
Because it is beneficial
It bridges
All our differences
It is at our center
To bring us together
It comes in different sizes
It sometimes disguises
It stands as a tower
Smells like a flower
Never goes sour
Let It become louder
Shower in it every hour
Let It become our most important  Power

Winds of change


Can you feel the winds of change
Feeling out of “range”
Holding on to all you know
Feeling too scared to let go
The Earth beneath you is shaking
Your foundation is breaking
See these winds of change as a friend
A new beginning, not the end
Let the winds take you away
Don’t fight it, take it day by day
Let it lead you to an untouched territory
To create a new story
Your life may enter another phase
A better place
Something you need to embrace
To enjoy this unknown space