Me and my shadow


It can walk in front of me
It can walk behind me
It can hold my left or right hand
It depends on where I stand
Sometimes we become one
Then my shadow is fun
My shadow will be in my bed,
wake me up in the morning, make me mad
I can never walk away
Night nor day
The shadow is part of me
It is what I need to see
It can make me small
Sometimes it makes me tall,
or it can even hit the wall (ouch)
It can feel heavy, and tight
I can see it best in my light
In the dark,
It starts to bark
The monster grows inside
When I let it hide
But when I look it “in the face”,
my shadow needs te be embrace(d)
Then the shadow will fade
Into the shade

Let it be.
My shadow and me,
can decide:
“Will the shadow or ‘me’ be my guide”?

One thought on “Me and my shadow”

  1. Life is A rat race,Lia wat heb je dat ontzettend humoristisch neergezet. We hebben dezelfde humor, maar dat wist je wel.Ik vind het erg lachwekkend, herkenbaar waar. Er stond niet bij dat je kon reageren vandaar via me and my shadow.
    Alle verhalen of gedichten, ik vind alles leuk om te lezen. Liefs


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