I believe when Politicians begin their career they have a vision to bring a difference in their country, in the World.
I have a feeling “a long the way” they lose contact with “The People”.

When you watch Politicians debate or talk, (especially when elections are coming our way) it is as if we are looking at a bad play. Where actors read the wrong lines. It feels like we are watching “Drama”.
But when you go to a Theatre and when “The Performance” is of a bad quality, you can walk away and ask your money back!You have a choice to stay or to leave.
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a feeling that I am in a bad film, you know: ” A film where I can not get out!

Politicians who make “mistakes”, go out one door and……. come back through another one……?
In the “People’s World” when you make bad decisions you are OUT!

I would love to look them straight into their eyes when they talk about Politics.
Speaking about Welfare, Healthcare, Finance or Education etc
Do they FEEL their “words”?
Do they know what it FEELS like to lose a job, or a house?
Do they FEEL the pain when you can not afford going to the doctor?
Do they know how humiliating it FEELS when you need to get your food for free? When you can’t afford to buy new clothes for your children?
Do they know what it FEELS like when you can’t sleep at night, not knowing how to survive another day?

Big decisions influencing our lives are being made behind a “desk”.
I would recommend that every single Politician needs to work in their “speciality field” for at least a year. Working “on the ground” talking to real people (not the few selected ones) to FEEL the consequences of THEIR decisions.

Look at their face
When in election’s race
Not a trace
Or a blink of an eye
When they tell a lie
Nothing is as it Seems
played out behind the scenes
They live a life
Where THEY thrive

Because of this lie
People die
Every day, every night
WE have the right
for no more wars
it will open new doors

People will reunite
Without a fight
The planet, the Youth
Need the truth
It will set us free
And let us just Be

Then WE will Thrive
And have a life