The Power of our thoughts

We have not been taught
About the Power of our thoughts
It occurs
In the Power of our words
The story one tells
Gives Power to our cells
It is what we are seeing
In the Power of our being
Thoughts are an important “meal”
In the Power how we feel
“Feed” yourself every day
In a Powerfull way
We can always update
The Power of our own mental state

The influence of the the elements

The sun keeps me warm
So I can resist every storm
Mother Earth gives me protection
With her loving affection
The wind blows through my mind
Taking away the cobwebs that still reside
I let the water flow
To let my emotion go

The moon influences the tides
The things I still hide
The stars remind me
Of my Being to see
The clouds feel like angel wings
Reminds me of beautiful things

I love myself to immerse
In the greatness of this Universe

Old system/New system

Old system:
Our life is about pretend
Always the need to “defend”
Where “wrong” shoes are not done
Where getting drunk is such fun

It isn’t fair
It is about which fashion label you wear
No matter: “tall or small”
It is about “one size fits all”

Because we need to fit in
Not fat but thin
We need to be glamerous
No need to be generous

It is about your hair
“Selfie” here, a “like” there
These are your friends
In the world of pretend

New system:
We need to get real
To know what we feel
A whole new theme
To have Self-esteem

Instead to renovate
We need to innovate
In a new way of thinking
Instead of drinking

Where She or He
Can just be
Where children play
Have a safe place to stay

To initiate,
A new fate
A new deal
It is about Being real!

Where life is about equality
Our foods/drinks are of quality!

Me and “my general”(ego)

Everybody has “this voice” inside his/her head!
It can be calm, or it can be VERY “LOUD!”!
I always call this LOUD voice ” My General” (ego)
“My General” would command me to do, or not to do.
“My General” will always put me under pressure,
Is always stressed.
The SOFT voice is I AM =ME.
It is the feeling deep inside. It is peace, it is quiet

My general would always:
Be frustrated
Or irritated
Psychologically abuse
Without any excuse
Make me feel “a slave”
Never brave
Life became a test
To always be the best!
Be hard as stone
Make me feel alone
Make me feel seperate
Make me feel desperate

“He” feels like an avalanche of snow
I can let It grow
Or ….I can also let it go!!!
Then the snow can melt
And it can just be felt
Realize that the voice
ONLY makes a lot of noise!
Every minute, every hour
I realize I HAVE the Power
Don’t give “him” any attention
He can go on an early pension!!!

“Me” on the other hand:
Is soft as a feather
Also strong as leather
Speaks wise
Would Never despise
Is fair
And will take care
Is always on call
Catches me when I fall
Now I feel brave
And absolutely safe
“Me” is my best friend
“Me” takes me by the hand
When my mind is at ease
My heart is filled with peace

It is ALWAYS my decision, who is
the boss inside of me:
“The Me” or “My General”?

(IHave been away for a few days,
without my IPad: ))
I have decided to publish twice (3x )
in a week from now on!)

Spooky nights

At night
Without the light
All seems to be a fright
We can NOT see what is right
How to let go of the fight
Let our mind become quiet
See our future become bright
Within our own sight

When we are awake
We see what is at stake
Why we have a headache
Or a little heartbreak
Let go of the “mistake”
Then we can take
A little break
A new decision to make

Need no longer to stare
What we can not bear
And we tear
Apart every layer
For our truth to becomes aware

A new religion

A new religion
In my vision
Is to make a mission
Of a new discission

It can be enough
When you love
EVEN what is “rough”
Sometimes It is tough

To adapt.
We have a great impact
In how we react
Not separate, but connect

In a world
All that has occurred
When your heart is stirred
By all injustice you heard

YOU can be significant
In being deliberate, determent
Giving a love-Message so different
For ALL to become liberate

Please, Let Love increase
Wars “decease”
Pain release
Then we live in Peace


We are the power
Let go of all the “sour”
Build our own tower
In this hour
To become a beautiful flower

We use a “broom”
For all that “looms”
In our inner rooms
By the time It becomes noon
We open up and bloom

We feel moon/sunlight
Feel our Might
To take a flight
At a new height
Using our own kite

We can create
And initiate
A new conscious state
When we facilitate
In what is great

It is NEVER too late

A friend

We sometimes need a friend
To hold your hand
To stay by your side
Their heart open wide

Because they truly care
For you to become aware
Of the dark
To disembark

From your entangled mind
To help you find
Unseen for your “blind” eyes
The emotional ties

They light the road
For you to unfold
This is when a true friend
Tends to lend you their hand


I believe criminality at the root
Starts when a situation is acute
It is the first need
Food to feed

No money to live
No clothing to give
Others have too much
I believe it is such

That people become aware
Life for them is not fair
They want a little more
To live behind a “safe” door

When they go to sleep
They also want to reap
From the fruits of life
For husband, children and wife

This situation is not just for a few
Across the world there is a large queue
Many people fall in this category
Where life is an every day worry

It is often not seen
It always seems
Neighbour’s grass is green(er)

The Universe

We must agree
Life is a mystery
But what about our Universe?
Information is still diverse

We know so little about Space
And about life of another Race
Although we know a liitle more
There is still much to explore

I imagine they are more advanced
If they would have glanced
At our little planet, being ecstatic
About our field of electromagnetic

They also could come to the conclusion
We still live in an illusion
They may live like The Jetsons
While we live like The Flinstones

We use fuel and duality
Where war is our reality
Like children we fight
Who is wrong and who is right

We live for what we want
Like a debutant
There is so much rage
In the way we behave

We can invite them for a drink: ))
And ask them what they think
How to live in perfect Harmony
Enjoying each others company