The Universe

We must agree
Life is a mystery
But what about our Universe?
Information is still diverse

We know so little about Space
And about life of another Race
Although we know a liitle more
There is still much to explore

I imagine they are more advanced
If they would have glanced
At our little planet, being ecstatic
About our field of electromagnetic

They also could come to the conclusion
We still live in an illusion
They may live like The Jetsons
While we live like The Flinstones

We use fuel and duality
Where war is our reality
Like children we fight
Who is wrong and who is right

We live for what we want
Like a debutant
There is so much rage
In the way we behave

We can invite them for a drink: ))
And ask them what they think
How to live in perfect Harmony
Enjoying each others company