Heaviness in your head
Coming out of bed
Sweat running down your spine
From feelings you undermine

The burden on your shoulder
Becomes heavy when you’re older
The hole in your heart
Your Soul does not play its part

No breath in your lung
When on fear you did clung
The brick on your stomach
Not dare to go public

It eats at your liver
Emotions don’t stream like a river
It bites your gall bladder
Like the poison of a puff adder

Your intestines are stressed
Feelings are suppressed
Secrets big or small
Problems stall

Nightmares keep you awake
Decisions you need to make
Release your heavy Heart from the pressure
To become free and find your real treasure!

In every Heart, lives a child

In every Heart, lives a child
Mild or wild
It is like a dove
Looking for your love

It can feel confused
Sometimes amused
Or feeling rejected
And neglected

But most of all
There is a call
For a Heart connection
Seeking your protection

To feel warm “arms”
To calm
All the emotion(s)
In motion


When parents divorce
Children believe to be the cause
Always divided
Trying to hide It

They often feel bad
They love mom and dad
They want to stay loyal
While their emotions boil

I hope that adults realize
And try to act wise
Because It is apparent
To be a problem of the parents

Children young or a teen
They always feel “in between”

The Moon

All the nights we spend
With the Moon as our friend
The Moon we can trust
While She looks after us

When She becomes full
She pushes and “pulls”
All the shadow out of our system
Every month in the same rhythm

When She becomes “new” and grows
One manifests all that one knows
In everyday life we do not realize
What is all hidden in our skies

Being Grateful

Being grateful
And faithful
Life will expand
Feelings extend

It will open the door
For receiving more
Your sight
Perceives more light

The words you hear
Sound more sincere
Showing appreciation
Will lead to a transformation

Be grateful for YOU
And all that you do


Please think twice
Before you give advice
Use your advice with tact
Think about the impact

Does your advice nurture?
Or is it more “torture”?
Does it add something positive?
Does it accomplish the opposite?

Without eyes blinking
We say what we are thinking
May your advice be pure
To help people cure!

Cleaning and clearing

A dusty mirror showed my reflection
It needed some inspection
Seeing my own creation
Not resembling my imagination

In my house the lamps
Became too damp
My light didn’t shine
Because all I did was whine

Lamps, mirrors and windows I cleaned
My own image I “cleared”
My oh my what a lot of dirt
That is why my vision got so blurred! ; )