Please think twice
Before you give advice
Use your advice with tact
Think about the impact

Does your advice nurture?
Or is it more “torture”?
Does it add something positive?
Does it accomplish the opposite?

Without eyes blinking
We say what we are thinking
May your advice be pure
To help people cure!

Cleaning and clearing

A dusty mirror showed my reflection
It needed some inspection
Seeing my own creation
Not resembling my imagination

In my house the lamps
Became too damp
My light didn’t shine
Because all I did was whine

Lamps, mirrors and windows I cleaned
My own image I “cleared”
My oh my what a lot of dirt
That is why my vision got so blurred! ; )

In a moment my Life can change

When: “In a “Moment” my World can change”
The look on my life I need to re arrange
In a “Second” I can make a decision
Avoiding a collision

In a “Minute” I can decide to live intense
And try to make a difference
That is why: “Now”  I feel great
And I want My Life to celebrate!

Do I walk my talk?

Do I Walk
My talk?
Is what I say
And do Ok?

Did I just tell a lie
Because I was shy?
Was I mean
To avoid a scene?

Did I please
For my own ease?
When I tell my story
Is It all glory?

Did I mix intuition
With ambition?
If It is on “me” I want to rely
I must always ask the question Why:

What is MY motivation
In this situation???


We have “anxiety”
In a variety
Some are complex
In a different context

Think of our heart rate
Just going on a date
We all have nerves
They don’t always serve

Mostly we are afraid
For us not an aid
Worry for what will come
Making us feel numb

And when we look back
It kept us of track
It costs a lot energy
Being our own “enemy”


When lending money from Banks
They want us to say “thanks”
WE see It as a possibility
To gain some “Liberty”

But Banks play with digits
Seeing us as “idiots”
It is quite clear
Our money disappears

They calculate
And manipulate
And create
Their interest rate

We need to show every account
Euros, dollars, yen, or pounds
It is a one way road
Banks “sitting” on OUR Money-Load!