Life is a rat race


When you were born, you had this feeling that you “fell out of Heaven.”
You left the safe womb of your dear mother where there was enough to eat and drink. Where you could just “relax”.

You landed on dear planet Earth.
The doctor holds you upside down.
Hits you on your tiny behind (first trauma)
And you are given your first score (Apgar-score)!
But that is not all! Your first book is for FREE, Yeh (You will later realize this is unique: receiving something for free!)

This book tells your Mam and Dad:
“How you need to grow”: “Not to fat, not to thin, not to long, too to”! This is The Norm!!!
You have to stay in the middle! (This can bring your dear mother to tears).

But then life really begins:
“You have to sit, walk, talk, ride your bike” as quick as possible.
“Swimming, dancing, sporting, being a “genius at school” is also “an absolute must” to survive life.
In school being “just average” is not enough.
Absolutely, DON’T stay behind, because then you earn your first “label”!

When you are very young you need a smart phone, or (and) a tablet to survive in this world.
You need to wear the right shoes, and be absolutely cool, otherwise you are out!
All the moms and dads want their children to be the best of the best.
Your life is like living in a pressure cooker. Everything is fast and quick.
You also have to look like a model, wear size 0.
Pass your driver’s license as soon as possible.

At school You have to fit in “this model of living” created by society.
When you start to go to College, to University or start your first job: “You must ALWAYS join groups”!
You need to drink as much as you can, so you can forget everything you did the day before. When you have a terrible headache the next day: “It doesn’t matter, because you belong to a group! That is so cool!!!

Earning money is your life. The rest of your life you live to earn your money. Earning money is your first, second and third priority.
By the time you are old, you die.
When you would look back on life you might think: “Just what was life all about”?
I have never ever seen a gravestoneĀ that said:

Dear Lia (because everybody talks nice about you when you die!)
13-01-1958 Lia started walking
04-07-1976 Lia passed her driver’s license
Etc, etc, etc
Conclusion: Lia was ok, but slow, quite “average”
Specialty of Lia; We (the family) must confess
Her hair was always a bit of a mess

During your whole Life, you always NEEDED to “fit in the system”. Life is a crazy rat race!
Don’t be different. Don’t think or feel for yourself, that is just “not done”. Just “fit in” is your “life jacket” for your whole life!

On the other hand……………….
If you REALLY want to live your OWN life:
“Always BE yourself”
“THINK for yourself”
“FEEL what is really important in your life”