Do you see
All the seas:
I couldn’t stop
My tear drops
Days I wept
Feeling trapped!

A payed a big prize:
Seas turned into ice
Emotions did freeze
Minus many degrees
Falling in the criteria
Of Siberia!!!

Turning to my own Sun
A new journey begun
The ice did melt
My feelings I felt
Running into my sea
Enjoying every bit of me!


We give and pay
They take and play
Everything they fix
With digital tricks

They turn and twist
Leaving us in a “mist”
We patiently wait
While they endlessly debate

We are their rabbits
They feed us the carrots
It is time to delete
A system that cheats

It is a game of poker
We are used as the Joker
It is time we awoke
Before WE go broke!!!



Society asks
Us to multitask
We carry an overload
Being mind controlled:

The need to be witty
And to be pretty
We also need to tweet
And to compete

Always making a note
To not miss the “boat”:
We must buy that cream
To polish up our self-esteem

For ever on-line
Wearing the latest design
Being very updated
And creative

Stay on track
To create that six-pack
Be a beauty
Fulfill all our duties

For our children an amazing mum
Our husbands expect a perfect bum
Women, mothers and wives are very tired
To keep up, otherwise they are no longer hired,
But FIRED!!!


Sun, Moon, Wind and Rain


At night I am of on my broom
To meet with the Moon
And when my nightmares appear
I take care of my unrest and fear

The Sun we underestimate
With the Moon she coordinates
Without her warmth and “light sparks”
We would completely live in the dark

In summer the Wind feels like a soft breeze
In winter it feels like a cold sneeze
I listen to what the winds have to say
Sometimes I am just blown away!

We just love to complain
When we walk in the Rain
The Rain waters our Earth deep within
A place where many lives begin


People in high places
With famous faces
People who govern
We discover

People we obey
People we pay
People who preach
And those who teach

With trust they confuse
Their “victims” they ‘abuse’
Taking away their identity
Loosing their integrity

We are in for a great shock
Many victims are “locked”:
So much grief
Not being believed:

Living in “unseen cages”
Depending on their wages
There is not ONE excuse
For any body to mis-use

Speak out
No more lying
And denying

Give back their LIBERTY
And their DIGNITY!

(An important note:
Before we accuse
Be CAREFUL with your truths!)

Who are we?

In Life we talk about degrees
Paying absurd fees
Being a real tease
Our worries increase
Bringing us on our knees
Wanting us to please
Instead of living at ease!

What if we would plea
And all agree
To see
The important key
To no longer flee
But to live care free

Fly like a humble-bee
Become strong like an Oak tree
Let life flow like the waves of the sea
Ignite the fire, the essence, in you and me
Finding our passion, becoming the real WE


Sometimes to make a decision
Feels like a deep incision
Running out of options
Like talking about adoptions

It can also take away your breath
Talking about Life and Death
You need courage to dare:
Your emotions to share

Feeling so sore
That only tears can pour
But sharing your memories
Become real treasuries

Even when you want your loved ones to stay
They are always a thought away
Their energy can feel intense
As if you still feel their presence

Our connection will maintain
Knowing we will meet again