In our movie we are the star

In our movie (life) we are the star
Our script can become bizarre
In our life we play our role
Although sometimes we just dole

In fact we are actor AND editor
The victim AND the” predator”
But one thing is for sure
Every role we must endure

We can act reckless, or be sensible
For every act in life we are responsible

We design our life

Our whole life we are transforming
Old ways of thinking reforming
It is not a mistake
With bad habits to “break”

We often see It is a failure
But In life we are our own tailor
When we need to invest
To design a new “dress”!

Or maybe create a new “shirt”
To get rid of the “dirt”
The old one also had a stain
Which caused a lot of pain

We keep on designing
Every time refining
Old habits we are outgrowing
In life we are forever sewing

I Day-dream about…..

The lion that No longer roars
But purrs, lying next to me on the floor
Humans that are No longer the enemy
Killing for Ivory is NOT the tendency

When we totally understand
The importance of Earth’s Holy Land
When we No longer interfere
Because Nature we can not steer

When Human Beings act responsible
Our differences are solvable
When we can all interact
With intellect and respect

In my point of view
This day-dream will become true

The rose


I saw one beautiful rose bud
Always “stuck in the mud”
I asked: Why don’t you bloom?
All seems so “doom and gloom”

Weeds seem to entangle
Forever strangle
I took the weeds away
They returned to stay

It made me feel so sad
I wanted it to feel glad
One morning I awoke
The Rose “spoke”:

“Now it is my duty
To show my beauty”
She felt an inner push
To be the beautiful Rose-bush

Away fell the weed
People stood still to greet
Admire her beauty indeed
Her scent so intense sweet



I want to talk about hope and faith
About beauty and grace
I want to tell you how special you are
With or without a scar!

It matters not, young or old
If you have hair or are bald
No matter the color of your skin
Fat or thin, our souls are always akin

We can feel week or strong
Fact is we all belong
To the Human Race
Living on Earth’s surface

Every being is unique
For love we all seek
Me it does strike
Inside we all look-alike

We are always connected

We are never separate or alone
Although we FEEL we are on our own
The energies are always connected
Through which we are effected

We can become confused
When our energies are fused
Our energies intertwine
I don’t know which are mine

For many people still unreal
The importance of what we feel
But I am certain
Of a world behind a “curtain”

When more knowledge would be revealed
Our feeling of separation could be healed


Never judge someone by their appearance
You know nothing about their experience
Or about their knowledge
You might be astonished!

Don’t argue how to live in a system
Or about what is “real” wisdom
Don’t discuss how a life is fulfilling
Or when It is worth living

We may misinterpret
How ones life has to be led
Our life is not  “right or wrong”
We all sing a different tune in the same song

To release my thoughts

In the wind I unwind
The thoughts in my mind
I love the sensation
It feels like a liberation

When I feel a lot of strain
I let it disappear in the rain
I let my thoughts “pop”
Inside every rain drop!

When I desire
I put my thoughts on fire
Burning them to ashes
When I sense old “flashes”

Or I give my heaviness to Earth
Now new thoughts can birth
Mother Earth is never reluctant
To help me make my life abundant

When my thoughts rehearse
I send them Into the Universe
My thoughts that first did divide
I now let them re unit


Love feels as thin as air
Embraces us when It is every where
Love begins as a water drop
Becoming Oceans, it surrounds us non stop

Love starts like a little flame
Becomes a fire you can not “tame”
Love is like a grain of sand
Strong when on earth we hold hands