Life is my University

Life is my University
In a World of diversity
I find my drive
In my every day life

Kind words written in a letter
Can make me feel better
A meeting in the Subway
Can just make my day

Every interaction
Is my own reflection
All the irritation
Is my own confrontation

Every day I learn new lessons
Being In my own presence


Lead to frustrations
And complications

Be open for the UN expected
Sometimes difficult to detect It
At first reflect it
And then accept it

You might be in for a surprise
On the horizon it did rise
An idea first must crystallize
Before it can materialise

A Butcher or an Earl
We all possess “a Pearl”
Our Pearl consists our knowledge
More than we learned in college

We can find in our Blueprint
Within our unique fingerprint
We carry it every day
In our own DNA

Our Identity we can not “disclose”
When our oyster is still closed
We show a lot of anxiety
To survive in our society

It is time to trace
Our  “true face”
“To moisture
The Pearl in our oyster”

In me exists

In me exists
A realist or an activist
Feelings I can not resist

It is also credible
To feel vulnerable
Or uncomfortable

And partly
Whole heartedly
I can throw a party

An optimist
And a pessimist:
Inside me ALL these “parts” consist


My feet touch the ground
Without making a sound
I enjoy the tease
Of a soft breeze

I always grin
Feeling the sun on my skin
The sea gives me a sensation
Of a total liberation

To open your eyes is the key
To receive all these “gifts for free”