Old system/New system

Old system:
Our life is about pretend
Always the need to “defend”
Where “wrong” shoes are not done
Where getting drunk is such fun

It isn’t fair
It is about which fashion label you wear
No matter: “tall or small”
It is about “one size fits all”

Because we need to fit in
Not fat but thin
We need to be glamerous
No need to be generous

It is about your hair
“Selfie” here, a “like” there
These are your friends
In the world of pretend

New system:
We need to get real
To know what we feel
A whole new theme
To have Self-esteem

Instead to renovate
We need to innovate
In a new way of thinking
Instead of drinking

Where She or He
Can just be
Where children play
Have a safe place to stay

To initiate,
A new fate
A new deal
It is about Being real!

Where life is about equality
Our foods/drinks are of quality!