Me and “my general”(ego)

Everybody has “this voice” inside his/her head!
It can be calm, or it can be VERY “LOUD!”!
I always call this LOUD voice ” My General” (ego)
“My General” would command me to do, or not to do.
“My General” will always put me under pressure,
Is always stressed.
The SOFT voice is I AM =ME.
It is the feeling deep inside. It is peace, it is quiet

My general would always:
Be frustrated
Or irritated
Psychologically abuse
Without any excuse
Make me feel “a slave”
Never brave
Life became a test
To always be the best!
Be hard as stone
Make me feel alone
Make me feel seperate
Make me feel desperate

“He” feels like an avalanche of snow
I can let It grow
Or ….I can also let it go!!!
Then the snow can melt
And it can just be felt
Realize that the voice
ONLY makes a lot of noise!
Every minute, every hour
I realize I HAVE the Power
Don’t give “him” any attention
He can go on an early pension!!!

“Me” on the other hand:
Is soft as a feather
Also strong as leather
Speaks wise
Would Never despise
Is fair
And will take care
Is always on call
Catches me when I fall
Now I feel brave
And absolutely safe
“Me” is my best friend
“Me” takes me by the hand
When my mind is at ease
My heart is filled with peace

It is ALWAYS my decision, who is
the boss inside of me:
“The Me” or “My General”?

(IHave been away for a few days,
without my IPad: ))
I have decided to publish twice (3x )
in a week from now on!)