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The innocence of a child

A face of a Child, can not hide
Their innocence, hearts open wide
Look them in the eyes,
Where a different world lies

They will take you by the hand
To “fantasy land”
I pick fresh red cherries
And eat blueberries

With a faerie,
Her name is Mary
Where I eat cake
With a snake

We will play and dance
Where everyone has a chance
To live a life so pure
And to be sure

To know who you are
Everybody is a rising star
Where laughter is the norm
There will be no storm

In the sky only the sun
And singing is such fun
Where lion and lamb live in Peace
Where you all live at ease

Please bring me to Fantasy Land
Where EVERYONE is my friend!


Love is in the air

Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

It is for free
Just to be
For you and me
To see
The bird fly
In the sky
It makes me cry

A Child holding mom on the back of a bike
You see it when dog and owner look-alike
The tree that just stands straight
Only love, no hate

The flower turning its head for you to see
The butterfly chasing the bee
The girl who helps the lady to cross the street
Feeling your very own heart beat

The sun and its rays
Its beauty in many ways
The greatness of oceans and the sea
Gives a feeling of little me

The wind through your hair
Feet on the grass, no shoes just bare
Friendships between religions
Unity, No divisions

A Child born in perfection
Pure and innocent in its reflection
It is all a part, a section
Of a love-connection


Forgiveness is a Powerful tool

Forgiveness, is a most powerful tools to liberate yourself and others.
Forgiveness goes very deep.
It frees you from your own demons deep inside of you.
I realised, that the hate inside of me, POISONS ME!
It poisons my body, my soul.
The anger that I felt against somebody else HURTS ME.
First of all we MUST forgive ourselves unconditionally.
Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness go hand in hand.
It all started by taking my own responsibility.
No matter what happened in my life.
No matter who did it to hurt me!
A turning point in my own experiences, started the moment I realised:
“The enemy was not outside myself but inside me”.
I was always criticising myself:
“Never good enough, never clever enough etc.”
At that moment:
“I stopped running away FROM my Self”.
Being befriended with me, well isn’t that Fun!

This was a very important “insight’
It gave me the courage to change, and to change big time.
I started to talk to my Self.
I started to ask for forgiveness to myself,
for always criticising myself.
I started to heal deep wounds.
I started to cry.
I started to feel safe with ME. Just BEING ME.
I was no one else. Nothing important on the outside,
but very important for the “self-healing”.
And yes, I started to appreciate myself from the inside out.
no matter what, no matter why.
And I realised that because all that I went through MADE me
the person that I AM now. That is just perfect: )

Although you have to do it all by your Self, it does not mean
you can’t have any help! This can be a friend, Family or looking
for the help that fits YOU.
After I forgave myself, I started to forgive others.
Forgiving is healing. It gave me back my own POWER


Sorry dear Mother Earth

Let us talk about our precious Earth
the planet on which we birth
On her surface I walk
to her “Being” I talk
Earth where everybody lives.
where all we need, she gives.
Earth we disrespect
in every single aspect.

Where the river flows
Where the tree, and flower grows
Where the wind blows
And every being just knows

Where indigenous people lived in PEACE with Earth.
These same people have been ridiculed, laughed at,
because they understood how to live in harmony as one
with nature and her animal kingdom.
They have been slaughtered. Their land has been stolen from them.

“Intellect” was born in the West where People “studied” about Earth.
They interfered with Earth because they “KNEW” what she needed.
But Actually it was about:”What THEY needed”.
They pulled gas and oil out of Earth. This became big business.

“Fracking” and taking gas out of Earth is like taking the energy out
of her lungs.
Winning oil is like taking blood out of her veins.
It would be the same,  if we took blood out of our body every day.
It is killing her slowly. Not only because of the “breathe’ and
the”blood” that has been taken out of her system, but also because
of the hate, the jealousy, the greed, the misery, the ego etc

New techniques are waiting to be introduced.
Many new insights are already “waiting in the wings”
to be put into place!!
This is NOT about a money-making industry.
This is about techniques made with honesty and integrity

THEN EARTH can live again. Breathe the fresh air in her lungs,
feel her blood stream through her veins.
She will feel her heart being reanimated back to life.
We the people will rejoice and treat out precious dear EARTH
with our deepest respect.
We will become one with her again,
intellect and wisdom will go hand in hand.




I have a suggestion for all the people who want to fight a war.
Let the people who want to fight a war, fight their own war. And I mean the people behind the war machines, NOT the soldiers who have to sacrifice their lives for their country.
All these people who have fought for their country, fought against their own brothers and sisters from other countries. All these people have families ………….they are somebody’s Son or Daughter.

I receive the Newsletter of the Veterans Today every day. Every single day (22.?)Veterans commit suicide because of fighting these wars. They found out, that the real enemy was not out there. THEY were part of the enemy. When these brave soldiers came back, they had to deal with the “enemy” inside of them every single day. In their nightmares they fight again. They often sleep with a gun next to them, always being alert. They have to deal with their wounds. The ones you can see from the outside are maybe the easiest to deal with. But dealing with their wounds deeply inside their hearts and in their souls often takes a lifetime.

My Solution for people who want to fight a war would be:
To send all these men and women, (who want to fight) to a deserted piece of land. No war equipment allowed! No more damaging this earth! A huge wall would be built around them. The only equipment they are allowed to use, is their own bare hands. They can only broadcast their own “News” in their own world. They can eat their own GM food. And they can only come back when they are sick and tired of fighting their own war and NOBODY on their outside world is interested in this war any more.
Imagine a world of PEACE.

Give PEACE a chance (the Beatles)

Me and my shadow


It can walk in front of me
It can walk behind me
It can hold my left or right hand
It depends on where I stand
Sometimes we become one
Then my shadow is fun
My shadow will be in my bed,
wake me up in the morning, make me mad
I can never walk away
Night nor day
The shadow is part of me
It is what I need to see
It can make me small
Sometimes it makes me tall,
or it can even hit the wall (ouch)
It can feel heavy, and tight
I can see it best in my light
In the dark,
It starts to bark
The monster grows inside
When I let it hide
But when I look it “in the face”,
my shadow needs te be embrace(d)
Then the shadow will fade
Into the shade

Let it be.
My shadow and me,
can decide:
“Will the shadow or ‘me’ be my guide”?

Inside me


Inside me I have my own world

There is a lion that roars

It will open doors

The song of my bird

I never heard

Looking through Eagle’s eyes

I become wise

My little deer

That lives in fear

Little streams

“Open” my dreams

The weather can be cold as ice

When my dear heart cries

My butterfly is a treasure

It shows me my pleasure

My own dove

Gives me Peace and love

My Sun is my source

my life-force

My moon shows me what I hide

My own emotional tide

My flower makes me feel

What is true, what is real

My mighty tree reflects

Where my Heaven and Earth connects

in my own Child I hide

It Is where I want to abide

I have to look after me

Every bird, flower or tree

I have to listen to my desire

What sets me on fire

I ask my body to show

where I have to go