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On Earth
Is about what you are worth
We are able
To give everyone a label

You can quit
If you don’t fit,
Then there is no place
Laughed at in your face

It makes you feel bad
Isn’t that sad?
Then you are “out”
What on Earth is this all about!


Is singing
Rolling in the grass
Reaching for the stars

Running in the rain
Without any pain
Swimming in the sea
Drinking tea

Sunshine on your face
Life is not a race
Climbing a tree
Everything for free

PEACE everywhere
Only love and care
Everything is fair
It is just there

A History (his-story)

In every house, on the other side of the front door
there is a story, a history (his-story).
This “front door” can be in a house, an appartement,
in an igloo, 
in Soweto or where people just live under
a bridge 
without a window or front door!
Over here, there, everywhere, EVERYBODY has
their own story.

We often judge about other people, but when do we
seriously listen to somebody’s 
life story?

In every form of life
There is a drive
To live
To take and give
Not only to survive
But to thrive
Make no mistake
There is a lot at stake
People cope
Because of Hope
So much to lose
Walk in their shoes”
For one single day
And then you may
Have learned a new lesson
In feeling compassion

Love brings Unity

Why do we always love to talk about differences?
Differences in: Color, religion,  profession etc.
Putting a label on everything and everybody.
This topic by the name of “Division”
divides the whole world.

In our world we always talk about education.
What we don’t realise, is while we are being so
“educated”, we forgot to FEEL.
We forgot to feel what is really important.
We forgot to LOVE.
Because at school we do not learn about the most
important subject in our beautiful life: LOVE.
And I do not talk about looking for love in another,
but looking for our own love, deep inside ourselves.
Self love.
And I do not talk about the ego love, feeling more
important than anybody else.
But I talk about love and respect for ourselves
and others.
Only when we look for this beautiful true love
inside and about ourselves, and others, we will
see the outside world with different eyes.
We will hear with different ears, and we will
feel what life is truly all about.

Then,  we do not see the differences, but we will
seek for the similarities in each other.
Then, we will look past color, religion or whatever
divides us.
Because in our Hearts and in our Souls we will
see the same LOVE.
Love for ourselves and for others brings PEACE.

A voice

You have a choice
To use your voice
In your own way
The words you say:
Can be sharp as a knife
They can go right through a soul
And leave a hole
They can break one’s heart
They can make you cry

They can feel like a blanket
Make you feel warm and safe
Make you feel alright
They can save your day
Words travel far
Words of truth
Can make the difference
Between war and Peace

When you use your voice,
use your words accurate and sincere

I found my magic

Isn’t it tragic
I looked for my magic
Out of my sight
But when I write

In my own fashion
I find my passion
It opens doors far and wide
And takes me on a mystical ride

Now, every day
I fly away
I sit on an Eagle’s wing
And hear angels sing

Still connected with Earth
I see her birth
I see her in action
I see Earth in contraction

I see Earth’s mighty Kingdom
A New World full of wisdom
It will bring us love
Below as above