Love is in the air

Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

It is for free
Just to be
For you and me
To see
The bird fly
In the sky
It makes me cry

A Child holding mom on the back of a bike
You see it when dog and owner look-alike
The tree that just stands straight
Only love, no hate

The flower turning its head for you to see
The butterfly chasing the bee
The girl who helps the lady to cross the street
Feeling your very own heart beat

The sun and its rays
Its beauty in many ways
The greatness of oceans and the sea
Gives a feeling of little me

The wind through your hair
Feet on the grass, no shoes just bare
Friendships between religions
Unity, No divisions

A Child born in perfection
Pure and innocent in its reflection
It is all a part, a section
Of a love-connection