“A very special Big Band”


I know a Big Band
Made of a very unique “brand”
The story I will tell
Is made up by hospital personal

Born out of a “serious Request”
Everybody does his/her very best
Nurse’s, doctors etc and a kitchen princess!
are all under a lot of stress!

Because at the very core
There is even more:
A special daughter and her father
Tell them all to come and gather

Violins, trumpets, dances, songs, and drums
Always give me goosebumps!
There are very special guest(s)
At this once a year fest

But what touches my heart the very most
Is the voice of  this unique “daughter” Host
It Goes right through my soul
My heart goes out of control!

You think this story can’t be true?
It is made up out of the blue?
I would just love to invite
you all, to this very special night

When ALL the people of this Band
Stand together,”hand in hand”
This is symphony
in perfect Harmony

Made possible by father and daughter
I want to, applaud him, applaud her
All of their family involved
Every possible problem solved!

Working together has a dynamic role
with a very special goal
To give you even more clarity:
“The money always goes to a special Charity”!

Coming together should be a new norm,
It helps you to survive every storm!