Today there is a lot at stake
Is the news real or is it fake?
The whole world is watching you
Whatever it is you are going to do

Politicians have done their very best
To create a lot of unrest
The media played their own role
Telling about elections that “one stole”

A lot of people are looking for a confrontation
To divide a once great nation
I hope they will come together as one
Not looking back at what was once done

But move forward in unity
To create again a country of beauty
Together you are strong
You have been all along

You just looked in the wrong direction
Forgetting your true connection
Do not look at other countries for a “correction”
But look at them with affection

I hope there will be a positive action:
“The “Captain” sailing in a new direction”
To sail in the winds of change
Where all of us need to rearrange

Today a candle I will light
For a new future of Hope, and to be bright
That is what I am going to do
Sending sunshine and love to you!