What are our Products made of?

Do we actually know what we eat?
What is added to our wheat
What about the red color of our meat
The additives in our sweats
And in the animal treats
Do they manipulate our seeds
Do our fish swim in rivers and seas
Is there real milk in our cheese
Are there pesticides in honey made by bees

How about the quality of a pear
And are we aware
What we spray into our air
What is in the shampoo for our hair
In the products for our skin care
And is it fair
That tired hands make the clothes we wear
We often know more about someones love affair
Than we know about our own welfare!!!



On a Social Media sea we float
To NEVER miss the boat
Always on the phone
Afraid of being alone

To not feel any less
We also want to impress
Even on our daily “stage”
We lie about our age:

It is a fact
Our life is an act
Inside we all yearn
To return

To the real person:
Our own authentic version



Some people are ‘mentally disabled’
They are always able:
To look at people with an open mind
Approach them by just being kind

Wouldn’t it be a great suggestion
Asking ourselves a question:
When there is a great variety
In our own Society

Why not talk about possibilities
Instead of focusing on disabilities
And concentrate on creativity
It may lead to a Society of stability