“Me and myself”


I am always the one
From whom I can not run
With me, I can have fun

From whom I can not hide
I feel my emotional tide
With me I stand by my side

From myself I can not separate
With me I always relate
In my head I endlessly debate

I need to become my own best friend
To hold my own hand
My relationship with me can NEVER end

Who are you


You can be rich and glamorous
Your clothes fabulous
You can wear diamond ear rings
Enjoy the best that life brings
You can possess a wonderful house
Have a handsome spouse
Drive the most terrific car
But that is not who you are!!!

Who are you without the latest fashion
And without your possessions?

A sand castle


I once lived in a castle of sand
It was beautiful and grand
Everything was built in perfection
We received the best protection

Everybody looked at it in admiration
The children had a “perfect” education
Layers of sand was a solid foundation
All was my own creation

I lived in this perfect illusion
Looking back I come to the conclusion
The tides of the sea played a role
Slowly things went out of control

Our castle disappeared in the sea
The only thing left was little me
I walked away in disarray
Looking for a new way

I found a construction of concrete
A simple life walking on bare feet
Enjoying life in perfect simplicity
Living in my own new reality

A teacher


I know a wise teacher
A beautiful creature
All her lessons
Are given full of passion

Every child she meets
She greets
She knows indeed
What a child needs

Her wonderful smile
Makes you feel worthwhile
She does It all natural
It makes you feel special

How I wish for every child
A teacher to see the talents they hide

A Somebody


Once he was well-known
He sat on his “Throne”
He had a stroke
And went broke

No one knew HIM any more
But in his very core
He was still the same
Everybody forgot his name

Nobody did mind
They all left him behind

Sitting in an aircraft


Looking  out of the window
Seeing what goes on far below:

Sitting in your seat
Landscapes so neat
Everything is small and sweet
It is just like a treat

Like girls and boys
Living in a life of toys
Wouldn’t it be great
To give the scène a new fate

You could interfere
If you saw any fear
Blow out a big fire
Take away a big liar

Manipulate a storm
Interfere when it is too warm
With a magic stroke
See how war machines broke

Shake your hand with love
Let money rain From above