To take care

Who consoles me when I feel bad
When life makes me sad
Who corrects me when I act like a clown
Catches me when I fall down
Who holds me when I cry
Still loves me when I lie
Who speaks kind words
When my feelings hurt
Who finds the right cure
When I feel insecure
Who helps me still
The pain when I feel ill
Who wakes me and cares
When I had a terrible nightmare
Who carries me when I can’t walk
Understands me when I don’t talk

Sometimes we need
Some one who is sweet
Some one we can trust
To look after us
Where we feel safe
Who gives us back our faith

I left it behind…


In my mind’s eye
I saw it pass by

A part of me so sore and raw
For life, I held on to a straw
It hit me right into my core
When it knocked at my door

But I said bye-bye
No more tears for me to cry
I No longer ask who and why
I left It behind with a big sigh


When we are terrified
We become petrified
Feeling paralyzed, hypnotized
Deprived and nullified
Our qualities criticised
Always swept aside
Our Powers minimized

But when we are satisfied
We feel gratified, qualified
We are electrified, centralized
Our luck is intensified
Our life filled with delight
Qualities magnified and amplified
We feel unified

Who is the Boss?

You fall out of grace
If you don’t have a pretty face
It works on your nerves
When the body lacks the right curves
Mentally or physically “disabled”
You are being labeled
Your consciousness being haunted
Is this what you wanted?

You ask yourself why
Expectations are so high?
But who decides
What are our rights?
A feeling so strong
To find a place where we belong
All the people
Should not follow like sheeple

Let our lives no longer be disturbed
By the rules that cause so much hurt
Ask yourselves to Whom
Am I responsible to bloom?
It is all up to YOU
To set the rules in whatever you do


Love you can not order

Love you can not order
Love does not stop at the border
It passes through a door or a wall
Real Love is not on call

You can not hold It on a thread
But love you can spread
It does not stop at the end of a street
Love You can not lead

But Love CAN lead you
Love sees you through
All you need is Love
Even when life becomes tough