I have two Personal Trainers!

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(My girly dog) here she looks like Sherlock Holmes)

People ask if I go to the gym, or if I am active in sports?
When I was young, I used to be a very “sporty” girl.
But at one point in my life I decided I have had enough.
So, My answer is : “No, I do not go to the gym”.

But every day I do my workouts, walking my 2 dogs!!
I bend and stretch a lot of my muscles, especially
my “PATIENCE Muscle”
You see my macho dog ( 20 kilo’s) usually walks in front of me,
and the other 30+ kilo girly dog walks behind me.

My arm muscles get over stretched, as well as a few muscles
in my dear body.
My little male dog thinks he is a “big macho man”when we meet
other “macho dogs”, so I try to avoid these situations!
“My eye and ear muscle” are always on alert and very trained.

He has a lot of difficulty deciding which tree he wants to pee against,
and he also can not decide, which leg he wants to stand on,
while peeing : )
This situation trains the “patience muscle” in me.

My female dog is a whole other story. She also has difficultie
in making big decisions:
“Do I cross over, or do I decide to turn to the left or right”?
So I tell my girly dog she can cross over, and then I pull her
across the street. Phew my arm muscels!
I do a lot of stretching when one dog decides to go to the left
and the other one wants to go the right (that is why I have long arms)
“Just imagine all the body stretching exercise”.

My female dog has a very deep bark and she has a great imagination,
she thinks she has to defend me at any cost.
Whenever we pass somebody “strange or unusual”in her vision
(maybe she just needs glasses) she stops, stares and barks,….
she even turns around. How embarrassing is that!

I also need to bend my knees to put the poop in a bag.
Sometimes I have a poop bag in one hand, a cookie bag in the other.
You can imagine what happens when I forgot in which hand
the poop bag 
is and in which hand the cookie bag  ….
“This is also a concentration workout”!

“My patience muscle is over trained by now”!
When I come home after my exercise, I have had a lot of stretching
and bending and need a cup of coffee.
So you see, I do a lot of workouts with my two dear friends.
Every muscle used : ))

With two dogs, you will have a physical AND a mental workout:
“Two at the price of one”. How cool is that!

(My macho dog (doesn’t look like one here: ))

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