Sorry dear Mother Earth

Let us talk about our precious Earth
the planet on which we birth
On her surface I walk
to her “Being” I talk
Earth where everybody lives.
where all we need, she gives.
Earth we disrespect
in every single aspect.

Where the river flows
Where the tree, and flower grows
Where the wind blows
And every being just knows

Where indigenous people lived in PEACE with Earth.
These same people have been ridiculed, laughed at,
because they understood how to live in harmony as one
with nature and her animal kingdom.
They have been slaughtered. Their land has been stolen from them.

“Intellect” was born in the West where People “studied” about Earth.
They interfered with Earth because they “KNEW” what she needed.
But Actually it was about:”What THEY needed”.
They pulled gas and oil out of Earth. This became big business.

“Fracking” and taking gas out of Earth is like taking the energy out
of her lungs.
Winning oil is like taking blood out of her veins.
It would be the same,  if we took blood out of our body every day.
It is killing her slowly. Not only because of the “breathe’ and
the”blood” that has been taken out of her system, but also because
of the hate, the jealousy, the greed, the misery, the ego etc

New techniques are waiting to be introduced.
Many new insights are already “waiting in the wings”
to be put into place!!
This is NOT about a money-making industry.
This is about techniques made with honesty and integrity

THEN EARTH can live again. Breathe the fresh air in her lungs,
feel her blood stream through her veins.
She will feel her heart being reanimated back to life.
We the people will rejoice and treat out precious dear EARTH
with our deepest respect.
We will become one with her again,
intellect and wisdom will go hand in hand.