Who am I?

(A great big melting pot ; ))

Every day
We hear about our DNA
I share with my sister and brother
from my father and mother

But I also care
what genes my grandparents share
What “resides”
in me from both sides?

But wait, there is even more:
“What do my great grandparents have in store”?
Say: “Two parents,  blonds”,  get a girly
Hair black and curly

The mother  would have a lot of strain
And even more to explain
But it could be a secret in the family
By the name “of an Emily”

It could become ver”sticky”
and even quite “tricky”
when we discover
Our great grandparent had a lover!

Families get mixed
marriages no longer “fixed
Now we have got
A great big melting pot!

We want to know who we truly are
From which countries we come,  from which “star”?
We are not just from one nation
But an aspect of all creation

My passport could say; ” A citizen of the World”
That would make me free as a bird!