Political Zoo

I honestly have no clue
What to do
What is true
In this Political Zoo

When the elephant trumps
The whole world jumps
All the media, like hyena’s they react
We observe this all as a fact

Words are mixed
Sentences are fixed
I see it in our own political “Artis” Zoo
People walk around like numbness gnu’s

Or we act like bamboon’s afraid, of catching flees
From chimpanzees in other trees
In Politics the lion wants to catch its pray
When the “victim” has gone astray

People on the streets act like little deer
On alert because of the fear
Watch the ostrich put its head in the sand
Not knowing how this Political mess will end

As an “Observer” it is all quite a show
To see how the other one gets the next blow
And because I just do not know
At the moment I let all the news go…..