A new Goal

We are like a soccer team
We are all very keen
To be “THE STAR”
Known from a far

We are also quite competitive
While everything is really relative
Millions of dollars pass the bank accounts
While for MANY people around the world only counts:

“How on earth to survive another day”?
They all have a dream so “far” away
So tired of their everyday fights
They also would love to be in “THE SPOTLIGHTS”:

All the brave people, their names seen
On “a world-wide big screen”
We should give them a standing ovation
To show them our true appreciation.

While the soccer team play their parts
We need to think about ALL the dear hearts
Instead of giving competition so much attention
We could focus on a new potential

Sports and music gives us so much pleasure
But do we always want to “measure”
Who is the very best?
Life shouldn’t be so stressed

We can also just play for fun
So other people do not need to run
That is what we need (for) to strive
That ALL the people get a better life

We could do something grand
Hold each others hand
Together we CAN play a beautiful role
and kick the ball “in a brand new goal”!!!

(I know the millions of dollars do no go
go to (for example) a soccer player themselves,
but I just want to try to understand,
why some people are worth millions
of dollars and millions of people
are worth????)