Mom, where is my hamster…?

Once upon a time we had  two hamsters.
You know the same old story: “Mom, please
can I have hamsters”!
“I promise I will look after them”!
(I must confess, we have had them all:
Hamsters, rabbits, 
Guinea pigs, dogs etc.).
And of course, mom would give in!
So my husband built a lovely “Ajax house”
(We live in the Netherlands, you MUST have
heard from our Ajax soccer team: ))
Anyway, these sweet little hamsters do their
workouts at night, when we decide to sleep!
Each night we would hear their treadwheel
Go round and round and round……

One day I decided, we had enough and the little
fellows moved to the garage.
You can imagine, by then, the real interest in
the little creators had already disappeared.
And of course mom was the one looking after them.
But….. We did not only keep hamsters in the garage…
also our car!
On a good day (well actually on a bad day)
One little hamster escaped, we couldn’t find it any where!

Now I must admit, I did see something very flat and furry
on the garage floor, but I didn’t put one and one together
straight away..
After a while I took a closer look. There was a tiny
little carpet, on the garage floor, ouch!
I didn’t dare tell my daughter.
After a few months. I confessed …

If you have a pet
You also need a vet
No matter big or small
As a mom you are always on call
But when you have a very “flat” pet
You are too late for the vet: ((