Social media and me

You have Social media
And you have a Lia (me)
This relationship is of love-hate
This I will debate:

When you like to share
You put your presence out there
But who on Earth would care?
Oh my dear!
Then starts the fear!
How will it appear?

I put my words together
my inner discussion starts on whether
I will push the button of “publish”?
Maybe people will think it is rubbish!!!
I still have poor media skill(s)
For me they are not a thrill
It is about a little social media “flirt,”
But I want NOBODY to get hurt!
Once you put it out there
It can go everywhere
You have twitter and tweet
This is all done in a heart beat
Once said it is done
No place to run
Instagram and LinkedIn
Are still not my “kin”; ((

Social media and me
Still need to find the right key!