We are all Unique

Today I will start
With only the “outer part”
We have our own eyes to see
Grey, blue, brown or green to be
In eyes you can see joy and fear
We also have ears to hear
You have them in different size(s)
They Receive words of hate or wise
Our mouth is to speak and to taste
Sweet words spoken or are they a waste?
Our arms and hands are to use
Are “ours” made to love or to abuse?
Our body is made of atoms and cells
We even have our own alarm bells
Which we love to ignore
Avoiding our own inner intuitive door
Do we appreciate our body “construction”?
Think about its beautiful function!

Feet and legs to walk in a direction
The roads of life are simple or of complexion
Our fingers have their own print
So the police can get a hint; )

But what I want to say
That each and every day
There is only one me and you
It is up to us what we do
We are all so very Unique
We can be of love or a freak
And when we miss a body part?
We all fit in Mother Earth’s great heart!