Here we go again…..


We are in the middle of our Dutch Political Campaign
I think, oh boy, here we go again
Families divided and a lot of strain
Every Politician want their votes to gain
Together we stand in this “Political rain”
All following the “Election train”

I would love to see
The world to be:
Of no political parties
No words packed in colourful “smarties”
I will not put my fate
In another political debate
Telling you the “truth”
“Catching” you for their voting booth
For me it feels like theft
All the secrets they have kept
No more running around the bush
No more hush, hush
No more lies in the face
Of the human race
No more deals
That have been sealed
Behind closed doors
But LEADERS on the political floors

I want LEADERS to work as one
When for an Election they run
LEADERS who are honest
I put my trust in what they promised
No left, no right
But those that fight for OUR birthright
Their agenda must be for OUR interest
THEN I will do my political best, to invest