“What is The Truth worth”?

Truth comes in many ways:

“We swear to tell the whole Truth
and nothing but the Truth”
You also have just “half” of the Truth
Truth can become a “convenient lie”
The lie becomes the “New Truth”
This “New Truth” can be personal, social,
political or global!

Lawyers work with “The one and only Truth”
Doctors promise “Truth”
News readers “Read Truth”
Teachers “Teach Truth”
Banks help people with their “Money Truth”
Religions “Preach THEIR only Truth”
Our foods and drinks are made of “Ingredients of Truth”
Politicians are made “of Truth”

We must come to the conclusion
There is still a lot of “Truth”confusion!
You have your Truth
I have mine
I need to be truthful to myself,
to become who I Truly am.
Not what others expect me to be.

THE TRUTH IS SIMPLE (but also very difficult!)
it is all about:
Honesty,       Integrity
Harmony,     Empathy
Equality,        Unity
Respect,         Grace
Love,               Peace
Giving,            Receiving
When TRUST becomes a MUST