My body IS my vehicle

I sit in my own driver’s seat
Putting my feet
On the accelerator pedal
Deserving my personal medal

Daring to go full gear
No more tears, no more fear
Grabbing the steering wheel in my hands
Driving through unknown lands

Opening the roof
A sense of freedom as proof
The sound of the radio
Turning from mono into stereo

Freeing myself from “my safety belt”
A feeling I have never felt!
The wheels turning full speed
My life taking a new lead

Following the flow of my river
Looking in the rear mirror
Smiling at what I left behind
I no longer mind

Releasing the old reflection
Daring to take a new direction
I FEEL my new “car”
Becoming my “movie star”

The power of the “car” getting stronger
The “Beetle” I need no longer
The brand new “Porsche” becoming me
Loving EVERYTHING I do to be free

This new feeling of freedom
All coming from my own wisdom
What I do want to mention
I look after my own “heart” engine!

(Don’t worry I am not leaving my dear husband ; ))|
(And no, I am NOT having  plastic surgery : )
It is a feeling inside