A love story gone wrong

It is true
I found you, eyes so blue
The love of my life
“Please be my wife”
After a while, I am done
I have had my fun
I can no longer find
What I had in my mind

It isn’t true
Your eyes are not that blue
Your blond hair faded
Your body disintegrated
Your stomach has grown
Between your eyes a frown
It is not fair
Boobs no longer up “there”

It is true
I found some one new
Brown eyes not bleu….

Forgiveness is a Powerful tool

Forgiveness, is a most powerful tools to liberate yourself and others.
Forgiveness goes very deep.
It frees you from your own demons deep inside of you.
I realised, that the hate inside of me, POISONS ME!
It poisons my body, my soul.
The anger that I felt against somebody else HURTS ME.
First of all we MUST forgive ourselves unconditionally.
Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness go hand in hand.
It all started by taking my own responsibility.
No matter what happened in my life.
No matter who did it to hurt me!
A turning point in my own experiences, started the moment I realised:
“The enemy was not outside myself but inside me”.
I was always criticising myself:
“Never good enough, never clever enough etc.”
At that moment:
“I stopped running away FROM my Self”.
Being befriended with me, well isn’t that Fun!

This was a very important “insight’
It gave me the courage to change, and to change big time.
I started to talk to my Self.
I started to ask for forgiveness to myself,
for always criticising myself.
I started to heal deep wounds.
I started to cry.
I started to feel safe with ME. Just BEING ME.
I was no one else. Nothing important on the outside,
but very important for the “self-healing”.
And yes, I started to appreciate myself from the inside out.
no matter what, no matter why.
And I realised that because all that I went through MADE me
the person that I AM now. That is just perfect: )

Although you have to do it all by your Self, it does not mean
you can’t have any help! This can be a friend, Family or looking
for the help that fits YOU.
After I forgave myself, I started to forgive others.
Forgiving is healing. It gave me back my own POWER


I have two Personal Trainers!

IMG_8885 2.JPG

(My girly dog) here she looks like Sherlock Holmes)

People ask if I go to the gym, or if I am active in sports?
When I was young, I used to be a very “sporty” girl.
But at one point in my life I decided I have had enough.
So, My answer is : “No, I do not go to the gym”.

But every day I do my workouts, walking my 2 dogs!!
I bend and stretch a lot of my muscles, especially
my “PATIENCE Muscle”
You see my macho dog ( 20 kilo’s) usually walks in front of me,
and the other 30+ kilo girly dog walks behind me.

My arm muscles get over stretched, as well as a few muscles
in my dear body.
My little male dog thinks he is a “big macho man”when we meet
other “macho dogs”, so I try to avoid these situations!
“My eye and ear muscle” are always on alert and very trained.

He has a lot of difficulty deciding which tree he wants to pee against,
and he also can not decide, which leg he wants to stand on,
while peeing : )
This situation trains the “patience muscle” in me.

My female dog is a whole other story. She also has difficultie
in making big decisions:
“Do I cross over, or do I decide to turn to the left or right”?
So I tell my girly dog she can cross over, and then I pull her
across the street. Phew my arm muscels!
I do a lot of stretching when one dog decides to go to the left
and the other one wants to go the right (that is why I have long arms)
“Just imagine all the body stretching exercise”.

My female dog has a very deep bark and she has a great imagination,
she thinks she has to defend me at any cost.
Whenever we pass somebody “strange or unusual”in her vision
(maybe she just needs glasses) she stops, stares and barks,….
she even turns around. How embarrassing is that!

I also need to bend my knees to put the poop in a bag.
Sometimes I have a poop bag in one hand, a cookie bag in the other.
You can imagine what happens when I forgot in which hand
the poop bag 
is and in which hand the cookie bag  ….
“This is also a concentration workout”!

“My patience muscle is over trained by now”!
When I come home after my exercise, I have had a lot of stretching
and bending and need a cup of coffee.
So you see, I do a lot of workouts with my two dear friends.
Every muscle used : ))

With two dogs, you will have a physical AND a mental workout:
“Two at the price of one”. How cool is that!

(My macho dog (doesn’t look like one here: ))

IMG_8884 3.JPG

Sorry dear Mother Earth

Let us talk about our precious Earth
the planet on which we birth
On her surface I walk
to her “Being” I talk
Earth where everybody lives.
where all we need, she gives.
Earth we disrespect
in every single aspect.

Where the river flows
Where the tree, and flower grows
Where the wind blows
And every being just knows

Where indigenous people lived in PEACE with Earth.
These same people have been ridiculed, laughed at,
because they understood how to live in harmony as one
with nature and her animal kingdom.
They have been slaughtered. Their land has been stolen from them.

“Intellect” was born in the West where People “studied” about Earth.
They interfered with Earth because they “KNEW” what she needed.
But Actually it was about:”What THEY needed”.
They pulled gas and oil out of Earth. This became big business.

“Fracking” and taking gas out of Earth is like taking the energy out
of her lungs.
Winning oil is like taking blood out of her veins.
It would be the same,  if we took blood out of our body every day.
It is killing her slowly. Not only because of the “breathe’ and
the”blood” that has been taken out of her system, but also because
of the hate, the jealousy, the greed, the misery, the ego etc

New techniques are waiting to be introduced.
Many new insights are already “waiting in the wings”
to be put into place!!
This is NOT about a money-making industry.
This is about techniques made with honesty and integrity

THEN EARTH can live again. Breathe the fresh air in her lungs,
feel her blood stream through her veins.
She will feel her heart being reanimated back to life.
We the people will rejoice and treat out precious dear EARTH
with our deepest respect.
We will become one with her again,
intellect and wisdom will go hand in hand.


Why do we only fight “the symptoms” ?

When you listen to our news, you hear about the terrible
things happening in the world.
When I follow the news about ISIS I ask myself:
“How could a group of people become so powerful”?

We must go back to 9/11 when the whole problem started,
the hate against a whole “group of people”.
And I do not believe the official story told about, who did 9/11.
Even if we would neglect that question, we (US and other
Western countries) did invade Iraq, because of the mass
destruction weapons, never found and we killed Saddam.
A country destroyed
I once listened to an interview with a man who lived in Iraq
who joined ISIS.
He said in his own words:  “Saddam Hussein wasn’t the best
Leader of a country, but life was ok”.
What happened after the invasion? We left a country destroyed.
(Repeating of History: Afghanistan, Libya and now in Syria.)
No work, no money, big families.
These are circumstances when groups could become extreme.
People who hate others because what happened to their country,
to their family’s.
Living in a destroyed country, it is difficult to earn money.
You get a chance to earn money, joining extreme groups.

In politics, you never hear the question why?
Instead of looking at the “root” of a problem we are always
working on the “symptoms” (people flee to Europe).
We focus on the problems this causes in these countries.
THE question should be: “WHO is benefitting from this situation”?
What are the big interests in these countries?
Which countries are supporting these Rebel groups?
Who are supplying these groups with equipment?
O have often listened to people saying the same thing:
“If  these people would not be supported,
there would be no ISIS, no Al Qaeda”.

It is always about divide and conquer.
The first you.tube film are Veterans speaking out.
The second you.tube film is :The Stanford Prison
it is just fascinating to see how people change,
it isn’t even “real”.

“News forecast”

Dear People

(This is how I would love to see the news!)

Today is another day
News presented in a new way
From now on News will be real
We will all need to heal
It must be understood
Great changes are afoot
Realize:”killing another”
Is a daughter or a son of a mother!!!
It is like being a thief
Bringing so much grief
Understand: “You are we”
“I am you and you are Me”
In this new mind frame
we are all the same!
Learn to forgive: “ourselves and the other”
“Everybody is my sister, my brother”

No war
Forgiveness is the key
For all of us to see
With love we can expect
To re-connect!
We must re-unite
Our future will be bright
Learn about our own mighty power
That will bloom into a beautiful flower

We will:
realize what went wrong
Peace will make us strong
have great wealth
and live in good health
play or own symphony
together in perfect harmony
need to deal
With the fact: “our enemy” wasn’t real
our mirror shows our “true” reflection
Which we will need to question

It will be hard to realize for the human race,
that science is not always evidence base(d)
It will be the case
To fly into space
We will all come to the conclusion
That life was an illusion

The sky will NO longer be the limit!