It is a fact,
with a smile you make contact
it all starts
touching hearts

A smile is like a light,
an energy far and wide
Smile at a person on the street
Smile at A Child in need

Be that light
Stronger than a fight
Spread it where you go
Smile from head to toe
a smile
could be your new style
It is easy to wear
It expresses care

Smile and the whole world smiles with you



We all need to fit in our society.
I believe, it is this situation that makes many people feel so miserable.
From the beginning of our lives, we had to adjust to “the values of Society”.
We learn from our parents, our education and from our social environment how we need “to behave” and how to “survive”.
If we fall “out of the normal” we must be readjusted back to “normal”.
My suggestion would be: “If all of us are not normal”, maybe we need to look at our Society with critical eyes.
Maybe we should re-adjust the “rules and values” of our Society.
Who REALLY decides what is “normal” or “not normal”?
If we all would become “normal” there wouldn’t be a problem!

What I do not, and will not accept, is that our society is only focused on learning skills.
I do not say that we shouldn’t train these skills, I just try to understand why we do not “learn” at school about love, respect and to accept?
Why don’t we learn about the gifts of dear Mother Earth about her nature and the animal kingdom?
At the entrance of each school we could read the words saying:
“Welcome dear Children of this wonderful World”
“We celebrate your lives Every single day”.
“You are all being loved and appreciated”‘
Then we would learn to live a good life where you learn to investigate into your own special skills.
Then we would learn to respect and accept ourselves and others just they way we are!
We would learn to create a community where we would work together.
Together we would make a great team! Each and every one is unique and special.
How important is it to learn about self-esteem? How important is it to feel self-confident?
When we have self-confidence we dare to be ourselves. If we dare to be ourselves, without being laughed at, we will not need drugs to make us feel better, because we can just be.
We would not need to wear a mask or pretend to be who we are not!
We would be appreciated for who we are.
This would take so much stress away in our society.

If at the beginning of our life’s, we would have the feeling of being welcome,  we would grow up as an adult knowing that we are being appreciated.
Because every adult still has this “child” inside of them, who wants to be seen, heard and loved.

Criminal behavior and the costs of Healthcare would drop very fast!

In this world where we live in, I would say: “That the rules and the values” made up in our Society are the REAL problem!

(A little note from me. I am sorry for the sentence and word “breakups”. I am afraid
they are a lack of my computer skills, not my English skills:)

We have no time to feel ill

Doctor, Doctor,
I have a pain in my head
I can’t go to bed
Please give me a pill
So the pain can “still”
I need to survive
For my kids and my wife

Doctor Doctor,
Please don’t touch
My stomach hurts so much
I need a pill
For the pain to kill
One day missed
Makes my boss soo pissed

Doctor Doctor,
I need to tell
I have a dizzy spell
I need a pill
I feel so ill
My dearest honey
Cost an awful lot of money

Doctor, Doctor
I feel so itchy
It really makes me bitchy
I don’t have any pain
It is just the strain
I need a pill
Then I can work and pay the bill

Patient, patient
The message I deliver
Is about your liver
Here a pill there pill
the condition of you liver goes down hill
Now you need to rest
It is for the best
Work can wait
Until you are in a better state

Doctor Doctor
I am fired
A new person, hired
My wife AND my honey have left
It feels like theft
My “values” and possessions they stole
In my heart there is a great hole
Please give me a pill
For the emptiness to fill……



When I look at the commercials on tv or in a magazines I always have these questions coming into my mind. How real are they?
When they use commercials about body creams etc they often use young people (or elder women with a perfect skin) wrinkle free! They dare tell you, that these women look that perfect AFTER using their products.
Then you watch these commercials where they use shampoos: ” After use your hair become thick, wavy and shiny”. Of course you want your own dream come true. (A specially when your own hair is as straight as can be!
Believe me I have tried them all. People who know me, know that my hair hasn’t changed!
What I find so disturbing about the advertisements in these magazines, is the fact that you always see gorgeous people: spotless, smooth, no cellulite, long legs going right up to their armpits.
They “forget” to tell you that many of these perfect pictures are being photo shopped!

So, now let me think…….
Young children and adults are looking at images photo shopped into an “ideal picture”. And we the people are looking at these pictures as if this is the norm!
Not only advertisements give us a wrong impression of our “real” life, also the toys where children play with give them a “wrong” image what life is all about.
I feel so sad for all these girls and boys, because they think these images are real. Young people try to copy these Images of being perfect.
Not only at school but their whole life is focused on a world of pretend.
And children and adults have to fight depression, anorexia etc because of the images in our pretend world!

Imagine people working for a magazine,  they can make my appearance (age 60 years young : ) into an ideal “dream body” image. They can photo shop me with boobs size XXL. They can make me look as long as THEY think I need to be. They can make my cellulite disappear , and they make me look as if I am 30 years old. Is this the world I want live in?
We must realize, imperfection is just perfect!

We live in a world of pretend
“selfies” are shared, “likes” are my real friend(s)
My lady and my tramp
Both live in the same “camp”
My lady would get a like
My tramp advised to take a hike
I can wear rings
And beautiful things
But don”t you see
Both lady and tramp live in me




I have a suggestion for all the people who want to fight a war.
Let the people who want to fight a war, fight their own war. And I mean the people behind the war machines, NOT the soldiers who have to sacrifice their lives for their country.
All these people who have fought for their country, fought against their own brothers and sisters from other countries. All these people have families ………….they are somebody’s Son or Daughter.

I receive the Newsletter of the Veterans Today every day. Every single day (22.?)Veterans commit suicide because of fighting these wars. They found out, that the real enemy was not out there. THEY were part of the enemy. When these brave soldiers came back, they had to deal with the “enemy” inside of them every single day. In their nightmares they fight again. They often sleep with a gun next to them, always being alert. They have to deal with their wounds. The ones you can see from the outside are maybe the easiest to deal with. But dealing with their wounds deeply inside their hearts and in their souls often takes a lifetime.

My Solution for people who want to fight a war would be:
To send all these men and women, (who want to fight) to a deserted piece of land. No war equipment allowed! No more damaging this earth! A huge wall would be built around them. The only equipment they are allowed to use, is their own bare hands. They can only broadcast their own “News” in their own world. They can eat their own GM food. And they can only come back when they are sick and tired of fighting their own war and NOBODY on their outside world is interested in this war any more.
Imagine a world of PEACE.

Give PEACE a chance (the Beatles)

Life is a rat race


When you were born, you had this feeling that you “fell out of Heaven.”
You left the safe womb of your dear mother where there was enough to eat and drink. Where you could just “relax”.

You landed on dear planet Earth.
The doctor holds you upside down.
Hits you on your tiny behind (first trauma)
And you are given your first score (Apgar-score)!
But that is not all! Your first book is for FREE, Yeh (You will later realize this is unique: receiving something for free!)

This book tells your Mam and Dad:
“How you need to grow”: “Not to fat, not to thin, not to long, too to”! This is The Norm!!!
You have to stay in the middle! (This can bring your dear mother to tears).

But then life really begins:
“You have to sit, walk, talk, ride your bike” as quick as possible.
“Swimming, dancing, sporting, being a “genius at school” is also “an absolute must” to survive life.
In school being “just average” is not enough.
Absolutely, DON’T stay behind, because then you earn your first “label”!

When you are very young you need a smart phone, or (and) a tablet to survive in this world.
You need to wear the right shoes, and be absolutely cool, otherwise you are out!
All the moms and dads want their children to be the best of the best.
Your life is like living in a pressure cooker. Everything is fast and quick.
You also have to look like a model, wear size 0.
Pass your driver’s license as soon as possible.

At school You have to fit in “this model of living” created by society.
When you start to go to College, to University or start your first job: “You must ALWAYS join groups”!
You need to drink as much as you can, so you can forget everything you did the day before. When you have a terrible headache the next day: “It doesn’t matter, because you belong to a group! That is so cool!!!

Earning money is your life. The rest of your life you live to earn your money. Earning money is your first, second and third priority.
By the time you are old, you die.
When you would look back on life you might think: “Just what was life all about”?
I have never ever seen a gravestone that said:

Dear Lia (because everybody talks nice about you when you die!)
13-01-1958 Lia started walking
04-07-1976 Lia passed her driver’s license
Etc, etc, etc
Conclusion: Lia was ok, but slow, quite “average”
Specialty of Lia; We (the family) must confess
Her hair was always a bit of a mess

During your whole Life, you always NEEDED to “fit in the system”. Life is a crazy rat race!
Don’t be different. Don’t think or feel for yourself, that is just “not done”. Just “fit in” is your “life jacket” for your whole life!

On the other hand……………….
If you REALLY want to live your OWN life:
“Always BE yourself”
“THINK for yourself”
“FEEL what is really important in your life”



Me and my shadow


It can walk in front of me
It can walk behind me
It can hold my left or right hand
It depends on where I stand
Sometimes we become one
Then my shadow is fun
My shadow will be in my bed,
wake me up in the morning, make me mad
I can never walk away
Night nor day
The shadow is part of me
It is what I need to see
It can make me small
Sometimes it makes me tall,
or it can even hit the wall (ouch)
It can feel heavy, and tight
I can see it best in my light
In the dark,
It starts to bark
The monster grows inside
When I let it hide
But when I look it “in the face”,
my shadow needs te be embrace(d)
Then the shadow will fade
Into the shade

Let it be.
My shadow and me,
can decide:
“Will the shadow or ‘me’ be my guide”?

Inside me


Inside me I have my own world

There is a lion that roars

It will open doors

The song of my bird

I never heard

Looking through Eagle’s eyes

I become wise

My little deer

That lives in fear

Little streams

“Open” my dreams

The weather can be cold as ice

When my dear heart cries

My butterfly is a treasure

It shows me my pleasure

My own dove

Gives me Peace and love

My Sun is my source

my life-force

My moon shows me what I hide

My own emotional tide

My flower makes me feel

What is true, what is real

My mighty tree reflects

Where my Heaven and Earth connects

in my own Child I hide

It Is where I want to abide

I have to look after me

Every bird, flower or tree

I have to listen to my desire

What sets me on fire

I ask my body to show

where I have to go