“News forecast”

Dear People

(This is how I would love to see the news!)

Today is another day
News presented in a new way
From now on News will be real
We will all need to heal
It must be understood
Great changes are afoot
Realize:”killing another”
Is a daughter or a son of a mother!!!
It is like being a thief
Bringing so much grief
Understand: “You are we”
“I am you and you are Me”
In this new mind frame
we are all the same!
Learn to forgive: “ourselves and the other”
“Everybody is my sister, my brother”

No war
Forgiveness is the key
For all of us to see
With love we can expect
To re-connect!
We must re-unite
Our future will be bright
Learn about our own mighty power
That will bloom into a beautiful flower

We will:
realize what went wrong
Peace will make us strong
have great wealth
and live in good health
play or own symphony
together in perfect harmony
need to deal
With the fact: “our enemy” wasn’t real
our mirror shows our “true” reflection
Which we will need to question

It will be hard to realize for the human race,
that science is not always evidence base(d)
It will be the case
To fly into space
We will all come to the conclusion
That life was an illusion

The sky will NO longer be the limit!