A tree

Imagine to be
A tree
Being old
Hearing what is told

Just being
Someone leaning
A dog peeing
All seeing

It hears lies
Being wise
Being embraced
Also amazed

About all the worries
And the sorry’s
Sees birds playing
Children praying

Doesn’t care
About loosing “hair”
When in the season
With a reason

Sees people dying
Butterflies flying
Does not judge
Never holds a grudge

Next time you see
A magnificent tree
Just say “Hello”
From below

It should be appreciated
Being so dedicated
Rooted deep in the Earth
Being so much “worth”

We could learn from the wisdom
Living in freedom
Without any income
Never living in boredom
Connected to all kingdom
Isn’t that just awesom!

I am a sailor

I am the sailor
Of my ship
Never a “failure”
Sometimes a dip

In deep water
Is what I will find
I am also the author
Of my complex mind

My face in the wind
The sun in my eyes
I follow my instinct
I see a new horizon arise

I write another chapter
Sailing to my destination
While I capture
A new creation

The winds I adore
In my book I will write
About the new shore
Within my sight


What is succes?
Let me guess:
When you always win
When you are thin

Always the best
Never less
Never stammer

Picture perfect
Never defect
But wait
Lets get this straight

We need to be humble
When we stumble
We never fail, only learn
At every new turn

In our precious life
When we strife
And it is the case
When we learn to embrace

ALL that we are
We are our own special star
Then our very own light
Will shine so bright

Now I guess
We are always a SUCCES

Dear honey

Dear Honey
Where is the money?
“A wrong conversation”
Gives a lot of frustration!
Well, a pair of shoes and a dress
More or less,
It was in the sale
I did fail
To mention,
It left my attention

Then there was a fax
For us to pay the tax
And still
Another bill
I forgot to say
You need to pay
Better be on time
Or you get a fine
I think it is wicked:
You had a second speeding ticket
Oh yes, food for the dogs
For the fireplace a pile of logs
Our daughter needed a coat
I bought a ticket for the boat
And petrol for the car
You had a beer at the bar
With your friend
Was it more that you did spend?
Oh yes, the neighbour gave me a lift
I bought her a little gift

Honey dear
Did you hear?
Oh, and there is more
But I would become a bore
I would say
It could ruin our day; )

I had a dream

I once had a dream
With a special theme
I was a Knight
Who loved to fight

Many wars
It then opened doors
It was a great Honor
A red ribbon on my collar

I would hear
People cheer
But then I got tired
I was fired

I was done with Power
At the very last hour
I had the chance,
To switch the lance
For a dance

Next morning when I awoke
I felt like I did choke
Thank God, in this life
I became a housewife

Still, it was strange
The feeling didn`t change
What once was is no longer
This feeling became stronger

Inside I still was the Knight
But now I fight for the light!

Social media can hurt

We must be awake
For the sake
Of a child
Being exiled

Not for one but for all
We must be on call
Te learn to respect
To not neglect

The life of each one
Do not overrun, for fun
To put on Facebook
For everyone to look

So we can all see
This person to be
To just hurt
To throw out the dirt

Their deep shame
For others a game
It can cause
Damage to their life force

It happens time and again
It should be a social ban!
We should be aware
And care

When interfering
We can hurt ones feeling

Your life path

Your path of life
Is to strive
To follow your heart
Is a good start

Life is not a goal
You play your own roll
You have a chance
To advance

It is not about facts
That are exact
But every day
Is about how you play

In Life’s process
And your progress
You need to follow
No need to borrow

Life is your own
That you need to “own”
Let your “heart” voice rise
It will give you wise advice