A family Holliday: )

The fun was maybe the best BEFORE
We left the front door!
We all pretty well know:
Much stress before we go

At last the car is packed
“Principles” we neglect
To keep the children at ease
Games and chips are just to please!

Mom, and dad start of fine
Then the children start to wine
Are we already there?
John just pulled my hair

He hit me in the face,
Pulled out my shoe laced
A journey of a thousand a mile
Will take us quite a while

Oh, just keep quiet!
Look at the video we hired
Are the passports packed?
I thought YOU checked!!!

Our mood then became sour
Passport drama, cost us another hour!
Instead of taking a little nap!
Please look on the road map

Don’t hold it upside down
We went through the wrong town!
After a long drive
He could just “strangle” his wife

Looking back
Life on track
Oh my dear
I could just do with a beer
Remind me next year
We will stay over here!

But life is a mystery
We have a short memory : ))
(Ofcourse the map says something
about my age: ))