Love everyday!

On the “day of Valentine”
You may say: “You are mine”!
This is your special way
To share your Love on this day

Are you shy and you don’t dare?
Today you share your “fantasy affair”
This day we are all in “Love”
But is that enough?

What about tomorrow?
Do we share the sorrow?
When we are in the dark
Do we look for the Love spark?

My Love will be there the day after
To share the tears and the laughter
I want the whole world to know
For Love I will vow, I bow!

It is not only about you and me
I think we can all agree
That Love is the key
For all of us to become free

I would Love to send a Valentine’s card
To touch every single heart
“In Love” we play our own special part
To share, to be brave,  and to get smart