Tell me Why?


How can there be poverty
And many lives have no quality
While others live extraordinaire
Focusing on becoming a billionaire

Maybe there would be fewer
If they would invest in a “sewer”
Or companies with big names
Would stop selling products as a game

But support in clean water
For every son and daughter
In countries very poor
Where lives are unsure

Wealth is invested in few places
While there are many suffering races
Tell me, how can this be fair?
While they ONLY need to share!

What are our Products made of?

Do we actually know what we eat?
What is added to our wheat
What about the red color of our meat
The additives in our sweats
And in the animal treats
Do they manipulate our seeds
Do our fish swim in rivers and seas
Is there real milk in our cheese
Are there pesticides in honey made by bees

How about the quality of a pear
And are we aware
What we spray into our air
What is in the shampoo for our hair
In the products for our skin care
And is it fair
That tired hands make the clothes we wear
We often know more about someones love affair
Than we know about our own welfare!!!



On a Social Media sea we float
To NEVER miss the boat
Always on the phone
Afraid of being alone

To not feel any less
We also want to impress
Even on our daily “stage”
We lie about our age:

It is a fact
Our life is an act
Inside we all yearn
To return

To the real person:
Our own authentic version



Some people are ‘mentally disabled’
They are always able:
To look at people with an open mind
Approach them by just being kind

Wouldn’t it be a great suggestion
Asking ourselves a question:
When there is a great variety
In our own Society

Why not talk about possibilities
Instead of focusing on disabilities
And concentrate on creativity
It may lead to a Society of stability


Do you see
All the seas:
I couldn’t stop
My tear drops
Days I wept
Feeling trapped!

A payed a big prize:
Seas turned into ice
Emotions did freeze
Minus many degrees
Falling in the criteria
Of Siberia!!!

Turning to my own Sun
A new journey begun
The ice did melt
My feelings I felt
Running into my sea
Enjoying every bit of me!


We give and pay
They take and play
Everything they fix
With digital tricks

They turn and twist
Leaving us in a “mist”
We patiently wait
While they endlessly debate

We are their rabbits
They feed us the carrots
It is time to delete
A system that cheats

It is a game of poker
We are used as the Joker
It is time we awoke
Before WE go broke!!!



Society asks
Us to multitask
We carry an overload
Being mind controlled:

The need to be witty
And to be pretty
We also need to tweet
And to compete

Always making a note
To not miss the “boat”:
We must buy that cream
To polish up our self-esteem

For ever on-line
Wearing the latest design
Being very updated
And creative

Stay on track
To create that six-pack
Be a beauty
Fulfill all our duties

For our children an amazing mum
Our husbands expect a perfect bum
Women, mothers and wives are very tired
To keep up, otherwise they are no longer hired,
But FIRED!!!