The Universe

We must agree
Life is a mystery
But what about our Universe?
Information is still diverse

We know so little about Space
And about life of another Race
Although we know a liitle more
There is still much to explore

I imagine they are more advanced
If they would have glanced
At our little planet, being ecstatic
About our field of electromagnetic

They also could come to the conclusion
We still live in an illusion
They may live like The Jetsons
While we live like The Flinstones

We use fuel and duality
Where war is our reality
Like children we fight
Who is wrong and who is right

We live for what we want
Like a debutant
There is so much rage
In the way we behave

We can invite them for a drink: ))
And ask them what they think
How to live in perfect Harmony
Enjoying each others company

Love can be:

or abstract
It can connect,
and be correct
Looking for contact
or select.
To collect
just an “object”,
or an interesting “subject”
To Attract,
or even reject
or protect

It can give you an injection,
taking you in a new direction
It can be a distraction
without any affection
Accepting all imperfection
THEN love is pure perfection

I am

Who I became
Is not the same
It is never a loss
Who I once was

I AM is my being
Now freeing
Feeling no need
Of any more greed

Looking deep inside
What does not reside
I put aside
On this life ride

I may
Now say
In the long run
I am the sum

Of ALL that I once was
Leaving behind all the dross!

The ideal world

We need to lobby
To learn about our body
The many shifts
And our dear Earth’s gifts

About foods and herbs
That what serves
I would love to show
How in great Health to grow

To teach about respect
And its significant effect
How to look after the other
Each sister and brother

We could learn about our talents
The Milky Way and the planets
Look at the Universe in admiration
See the stars in fascination

Learn about our Sun’s sensation
In this wonderful creation
When life is only a stimulation
No longer a fabrication

The moon and its influence
Teach about integrity and truths
But also to seek for advice
With The elderly whom became wise

We then can all have fun
Working in unison!

A tree

Imagine to be
A tree
Being old
Hearing what is told

Just being
Someone leaning
A dog peeing
All seeing

It hears lies
Being wise
Being embraced
Also amazed

About all the worries
And the sorry’s
Sees birds playing
Children praying

Doesn’t care
About loosing “hair”
When in the season
With a reason

Sees people dying
Butterflies flying
Does not judge
Never holds a grudge

Next time you see
A magnificent tree
Just say “Hello”
From below

It should be appreciated
Being so dedicated
Rooted deep in the Earth
Being so much “worth”

We could learn from the wisdom
Living in freedom
Without any income
Never living in boredom
Connected to all kingdom
Isn’t that just awesom!

I am a sailor

I am the sailor
Of my ship
Never a “failure”
Sometimes a dip

In deep water
Is what I will find
I am also the author
Of my complex mind

My face in the wind
The sun in my eyes
I follow my instinct
I see a new horizon arise

I write another chapter
Sailing to my destination
While I capture
A new creation

The winds I adore
In my book I will write
About the new shore
Within my sight


What is succes?
Let me guess:
When you always win
When you are thin

Always the best
Never less
Never stammer

Picture perfect
Never defect
But wait
Lets get this straight

We need to be humble
When we stumble
We never fail, only learn
At every new turn

In our precious life
When we strife
And it is the case
When we learn to embrace

ALL that we are
We are our own special star
Then our very own light
Will shine so bright

Now I guess
We are always a SUCCES